Developers & SEO Enthusiasts: Why They Need To Work Together

Developers-&-SEO-Enthusiasts-Why-They-Need-To-Work-TogetherWorking together when you’re either an SEO expert or some sort of application developer (whether it be mobile or simply web applications and such) is a very important feat to keep in mind. Teamwork is always going to bring the best out of any worker, and that goes for the industry you happen to find yourself loving so much as well. Developers are the people that will actually develop and make your website come to life, whereas SEO gurus are going to make sure that you website is being found by potential customers on a consistent basis. This means that teamwork between these two parties is going to result in a project that’s more than likely successful, and if you feel like teamwork is “overrated” than you’ve probably never been on a team that was decent enough to succeed before.

Conflict is always going to be a major pointer when it comes to the online marketing industry, and that goes for just about every single industry related to the making of money. You need to be able to take anything conflict related and turn it into something positive, and considering the fact that one person would be making the website itself and another would be promoting it to the fullest extent means there’s going to be a few disagreements. Here are a few tips that should help you keep your partnership together for the long run, because that’s ultimately what should decide whether you build a successfully branded website or no (an SEO specialist definitely isn’t building his own website).

  1. Make sure that you’re working with each other early on in the project – The earlier you guys start to get a feel for one another the better, this just means that your chemistry should fit just perfectly when you get into the thick of the work.
  2. Be smart about your choices and know what you’re doing – If you’re a poor web developer than make sure your SEO person is aware of this, the last thing they would want to do is work with a website that looks as if it was crafted by a toddler. Know your strengths and play by them, the SEO guru’s out there don’t want to work with amateur developers and vice versa.
  3. Respect one another – The right SEO specialist is going to make a web developers project known through many different platforms’, and the SEO guys can’t complete his job without a quality website to conduct SEO on. You need each other, and that’s why you need to constantly have each other’s respect.
  4. You’re on the same team, act like it – You shouldn’t be constantly fighting with each other about every little aspect of the project. You’re both on the same team and are striving for the same goals, so your SEO specialist shouldn’t be telling you how terribly you’re doing (and you shouldn’t be telling the SEO specialist how much of an idiot he is). You need each other for the long haul, so act like it.

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