Google Going Wild With Continuous Penguin Updates

Google Going Wild With Continuous Penguin UpdatesPeople have been wanting Google to update their Penguin software regularly and now it’s official that Penguin will be updated more frequently and live at that.

In the past, Google did their fine tuning of Penguin offline and then would unleash it when they scheduled it. That meant for a big data push and marketers and SEO experts would rush to see what effect the update was doing. They would scramble to make sure their sites were at the same level or if they had risen or fallen. Mad dashes to remedy downward statistics would call for strategies and tweaking.

Now with the live updates the data is smaller but what effect this is going to have is unclear. Google is working night and day to make Penguin highly effective and to combat spammers and other shady website scoundrels. They have a vested interest to see that the best results are populated on their search queries so that the public gets the relevant sites not the spammy rip off sites that offer no pertinent data to the searcher’s queries.

Penguin is their powerful tool to change the face of their results and marketers and SEO pros are on top of Penguin night and day waiting for the next update and whatever changes they bring about. The more frequent updates means that these people are going to have their work cut out for them and stress levels might go higher as well. Google is the bread and butter for internet marketers around the world and any changes that occur affects the way they do business and could cost untold millions if not billions of dollars.

This new updating process with Penguin is long in coming but shows that Google is willing to go that extra mile and are on their A Game when it comes to providing better service for their surfers.

Marketers and SEO pros are going to have to step up to the plate from here on end if they don’t want to get caught last. It’s going to call for more attention and resources on their parts to be able to compete and the world of SEO may change in major ways.

The other issues at hand are that Google’s updates might totally change the way sites are populated in the top Se results and affect the way commerce is done. Google is looking for original, quality content and sites that don’t have spammy backlinks. In addition to all that Google is hiring the best of the best and and that doesn’t spell good for the scammers out there on the web who’ve built businesses suckering people into thinking their SEO service will get them to the top of the SE results overnight and stay there.

Those scams are going to be a thing of the past very soon bu also what if Google messes up their software and innocent sites get banned, blocked, or shuffled to the bottom of the pile. Well, should that happen then Google would have to do some damage control and quick. That’s all speculative and a worse case scenario but stranger things have happened.

As SEO experts pour over the upcoming regular updates their hands will be full trying to get the upperhand on what strategies to take and whoever comes up with the most efficient strategies will have the clientele banging on their door. It’s all about who does the best job no matter what.

So the SEO world is going o have to sit tight and see what happens with Google. If things all work out then the industry will be cleaner and more profitable for all involved.

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