Some SEO Lessons To Avoid Trouble And Achieve Success

Some SEO Lessons To Avoid Trouble And Achieve SuccessThe world of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing panorama. It doesn’t stay the same although there are certain fundamentals to stand on.

The true story is that today’s entrepreneur has to be on their toes regarding their websites and blogs so that they are SEO friendly and not a hazard that will bring problems in the short and long term.

The first of these is content. Content of high quality and not some slapped together series of royalty free pics and videos that have nothing to do with the real content of your pages. The search engines, specifically Google, look for whether the pics and videos and other content are unique and relevant to the keywords you use for surfers who search. If you’re running a site about one subject and the content waivers with pretty pictures and bells and whistles that take away from the true direction of your site, you’ll fail. Keep copy fresh and original. Tag your pics and videos so they’re easily found by the search engine spiders and crawlers. Do some local SEO as well and make sure your content gets just the right promotion on your site.

Links can become outdated or even harmful. The links you put up on your site today may not lead to the content you think it does. Sometimes other sites go down or get bought out or redirected by unscrupulous webmasters. These types of errors and deliberate ways of deception can cause you serious harm and reputation as well as search engine listings. It is extremely wise to double check your links to other sites within your sight on a regular basis. At least once a week. Don’t trust anyone on this as the owners of the other sites you’re linking to may fall victim to scammers and then you’re all in trouble. Just be picky when you have links on your site and check them regularly. Also, make sure the wording you use in describing those links is relevant to your site and content too, that aids in getting in the top spots of the search engines.

Watch out for the Google algorithm programs. Google’s software for SEO, Penguin and Panda to name a few are on the march. They’re being updated more regularly with better programming and better oversight. Google is doing this because it wants its users to get the best out of their searches and Bing is rising as the search engine of choice because of smarter algorithms. This calls for the entrepreneur to look over the keywords and keyphrases used as well as tags. All must be precise and relevant and the right use of alternative terms is a good idea too as searchers aren’t always super literate. You have to make room for the simple minded factor regarding search terms. Here you’ll have to experiment a bit but soon you’ll see results regarding those search terms.

Finally, don’t try any underhanded tactics like Black Hat techniques. Google’s got the top people on board 24/7 regarding anything unscrupulous. Just getting busted once by Google or the other search engines could mean a very, very long time to get back in their good graces.

Honesty in SEO is the best policy.

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