Landing Pages For SEO Are Important

Landing Pages For SEO Are ImportantNever let it be said that landing pages are frivolous and inefficient. Nothing can be further from the truth in this regard.

A landing page is a page specifically designed to meet the attention and direction you want a surfer to partake of. It’s usually full of just simple but interesting data to get the surfer to comprehend what you’re selling thus making it easier for them to be SEO converted into a sale. A finely designed and positioned landing page can be the difference between success or failure.

First of all, your landing page should just focus on one product or service. It’s not supposed to be a second website but a simple but more alluring page of both data and graphics. No pretense should be allowed and getting to the point but in an engaging way is what you need to do. A bit more pop and dazzle with a wee bit of tease so that the surfer wants to click your links and get to the product.

It’s wise to have a custom url as well. If you tag one on your present url such as www.yoururl/buymyproduct.html, then that custom url should include data pertinent to what you’re selling and the keywords involved. Don’t stuff the url with keywords or keyphrases or you’ll probably get penalized by the search engines. Think of creative but effective custom urls for each of the landing pages that you create.

That brings us to creating multiple landing pages. You’ll need to do them for each product or service you’re selling. So let us say you are selling “software 1” and “software 2” and so on up to “software 10”. Then each of your landing pages should have the software name or what it does in the custom url as well as the well written and original copy. Just like you would put keywords and keyphrases on a webpage, you’ll do the same here. Don’t make cookie cutter like landing pages or they’ll get penalized. Each page should have the basic information and especially some local SEO. If you do local SEO on a landing page then add the name of the territory involved and perhaps a celebrated landmark. Use your imagination here because covering all that local data means people will find you via the search engines.

The overall value of fine tuned landing pages leads to better ROI but provides a platform for the data you’ll need to efficiently gauge your audience. This data is vital. It tells you where the audience is coming from, what they’re looking for, what they’re clicking and more. Geo data as well and a ton of other analytics that you’ll need to better perform and deliver. Think of each landing page as a view into the surfers who’ve found you via the search engines. A well made landing page with its Google Analytics well in place will provide so much information that in a few months you’ll not only have solid info on the surfers but more than enough to predict and expand. This cannot be sneezed at as it will give you marketing power that you’ll definitely need.

So overall, landing pages are important. Learn how to craft them well and do so with quality content and logistical design and you’ll see a good payoff in the short and long term.

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