You Don’t Need To Be A Rocket Scientist To Know SEO

You Don't Need To Be A Rocket Scientist To Know SEOThe topic of Search Engine Optimization may seem intimidating to most people but it doesn’t have to be once you’ve got the fundamentals of it under your belt.

There are sure fire ways to implement SEO and awkward ways of doing so. The key here is knowing what the present and tried and true methods of SEO are.

The first thing to know is that SEO changes. It never stays the same because the search engines like Google change their algorithms, the mathematical sequences by which they list one’s website. Google and the SE’s do this to thwart the marketers and black hat scammers who try to dominate the SE’s with tricks and unethical practices. Google and the SE’s want their results to be significant and have the impact of delivering content that is meaningful, not just a page full of keywords and links to malware and adware as well as other underhanded sites and such.

To do this, the SE’s meticulously employ new software to better their chances of getting the best websites listed instead of the bloated sites. To do some real solid SEO you’ll need to start with the basics.

First basic here is put together a competent site. Yes, your site should be competently laid out. A welcome page, contact page, links page to relevant data. Add to that the content should be specific to your website and not just a bunch of links and pictures that broadly cover your site’s interest or niche.
To better optimize for competency, add well done copy and relevant images that are pertinent and well tagged. Don’t stuff your site with keywords and keyphrases to the point of over saturation or you will get penalized. Keep the content well paced and interlinking with in the site for easy site mapping and navigation.

Remember, the SE’s are ranking due to competency and authority. The old ways don’t work but the old fundamentals do. Add to that the use of social networking and you have another layer of SEO you’ll need to employ. You’ll need to find out how to incorporate social networking marketing to ad that extra boost to your results and traffic. Doing it with efficiency will eventually lead to an upward rise in your statistics overall.

Local SEO is another good advantage. Something you should not underestimate. Make sure your site has focus on your location, even landmarks, famous teams etc. so that people who are looking for your services in their area know that you’re the expert to call on.

Overall, the SEO of today is not the same as yesterday’s. The focus now is on ethical practices which is forcing the scammer SEO marketers out of the picture. They’re scrambling now to find top copywriters and content developers as well as SEO companies that use the right and true techniques.

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