The Value Of Local SEO And Content Marketing

Here’s a marriage of two worlds that makes for the successful marketing campaigns in today’s world of the web marketing.

The issue here is what is referred to as local SEO or local Search Engine Optimization, and content marketing. We often think of the two as separate entities but in fact, the melding of the two leads to the successful sites one sees on the web.

Local SEO means that your website incorporates information pertaining to a specific location. For example if you have a business in Tacoma, Washington then your SEO for that site has to have the words Tacoma, Washington used multiple times in strategic areas on your site so that the search engines can list it appropriately. This allows people in that particular locale to find your goods or services that is nearest to them. Without it, the results will end up too broad and the surfer might not find your shop or business at all. The more precise you are, the more higher in the search engine results you’ll get.

As for using content marketing in this combination one-two punch, means your content on the pages of your website has to be first of all pertinent, valuable, informative and contain precise locations, zip codes, landmarks, anything that zeros in on your location and what you have to offer. In this respect you’ll have to sell your products and services so you can generate sales and leads. The search engines and your efforts might bring in the surfers, but it’s still up to you to sell yourself and that which you’re selling.

Some ways to do this is first to put together a competent and comprehensive website detailing you, your business, goods, services. Have realistic links going in and out of your site. Only links that are pertinent and don’t go to link building experts who promise all sorts of nonsense. It won’t work and Google will penalize you. Instead have your links spelled correctly, tagged properly and each page within your site should be linked to one another with proper descriptions.

Blogs a re a must have utility nowadays. That blog should have your name, company name, location, subject matter. Keep the blog fresh with occasional updates and fill those blog posts with pics, videos, links that are properly tagged and the right keywords and keyphrases. This makes your site look informative and have what is referred to as ‘authority’. That’s the fundamental key, right there, regarding how Google will look at your site. They want results that best help their surfers, not spam sites, banner farms and sites filled with malware and viruses.

Social media is now more important than ever. You may need more than one site on Facebook, Reddit, and several Twitter accounts. These social media sites should be connected to your sites and content and engage the surfers so that they’ll join your pages, add likes, share content, and engage in conversations with one another. This strategy can be the make or break point regarding local SEO and content marketing.

Following these simple tips will get you on the straight and narrow to better marketing adventure.

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