Using Social Media To Boost Your SEO

Let there be no doubt about it, social media is one of the biggest game changers in SEO in history.

Social media has changed the landscape and anyone not utilizing it to boost their SEO is losing out big time.  Social media connects just about everyone on Earth with just a few mouse clicks and that alone is a big window of opportunity that cannot be denied.

It’s not difficult to use social media.  From kids to old timers, 100s of millions of people use it daily to communicate, share pictures, information, videos, and of course do business.  The big businesses use social media to the point that they hire an army of people to facilitate their social media strategies.  They dig deep and stay on top of their strategies, changes  and new technologies.  You have to or you’ll get left behind.

In order to get started you need to hat yourself with how to use the basics of social media like sites as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and the rest.  See what you can and can’t do and then set up a strategy by studying how the pros do it.  You’ll see quickly how valuable this is.  You’ll need to incorporate all your resources from your websites and blogs and integrate them for efficiency.  This is not a magic bullet type of endeavor, but takes time to lay down the foundations and water and feed your projects until they grow

First off, make sure your basic websites and blogs are optimized with the kind of leeway where you can add new content that is pertinent to your business.  There are lots of ways of doing this but the simplest is to have a blog that you can update with links to pertinent data that is useful to the surfers.  Google will see this as a valuable resource and you’ll build your reputation within the Google community and beyond.

Using Twitter is a major  plus since they’ve now teamed up with Google.  This means any valuable Tweets you generate should show up in the Google search results adding even more traffic to your sites.

Make sure all pics, videos, and audio files are properly tagged and if possible, make a marriage with others in your industry for mutual benefit.  This will make your sites appear to be not only professional but have authority which is what the search engines are looking for.

Gone are the days of just slapping useless content on a site and building ridiculous spammy links.  Nowadays you have to work for your SEO supper and that means tedious, well crafted, and valuable content.

Facebook offers so much you can’t turn away from it.  You can build fan pages based on your site along with your business pages.  Add proper links in the Facebook pages and make sure your contact info is there and spelled correctly.  Update the content frequently and engage the surfers to share and like.  This can be a bonanza of traffic and conversion even better than a search engine high listing.

So for now, get the ball rolling and use social media to get your SEO game on.

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