Do It Yourself Or Hire An SEO Agency

Everyone likes to save money, especially when you own a small business or are highly conscious of your operating budget.  That being said, SEO is a service that some feel they can do it themselves, whereby others recommend hiring a service. Whatever path you choose you need to know the pluses and minuses of these decisions.

Do it yourself SEO means that you’ve got to have a sense of not only the present technologies and techniques to do so, but also the trends and statistics and ethics of the present day industry.  Not only that but knowing your SEO history so you’ll be aware of how the practice has changed over the years.  All this data includes both theory and practical and making a mistake can cost you dearly.  If you think you know enough to do your own SEO then you probably don’t know enough.

This is because SEO is an ever changing landscape.  What worked last month might not be applicable today.  You have to be on top of the SEO game 24/7 or you will make errors, costly errors.

Hiring a SEO company, on the other hand doesn’t guarantee success, but it does increase your chances of such.  A solid SEO company is always on top of their game. They don’t make absurd promises like they’ll get your products at the top of the search engines.  No, they’ll explain carefully what they do and what realistic goals can be met.  It doesn’t happen overnight, only in those rare occasions does it do so like with breaking news or breaking hot topics, but even then, it requires solid SEO application that perhaps only a SEO company can provide.

These SEO companies can be costly.  On average the small time packages of services will cost about $500 per month.  The high end services will run you into the thousands of dollars, $10,000 is not out of the picture on average.  This s why you need to look at your budget and goals, real and potential profits to determine what the best investment is for you.

If you can’t afford the big bucks now, not all is lost.  You can follow a simple strategy by which you start off with the $500 package and after several months, upgrade to more SEO expenditures until you’re making enough of a visible and solid profit to justify ramping up the SEO budget.

That would be the progressive approach and perhaps the most sound.  This way you can check the statistics as you go along to see precisely where your dollar is going.

Being cautious is the best step.  Searching for a quality SEO company is second only to your educating yourself regarding SEO.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you’ve read some of the latest SEO info that you’re going to figure it out on your own.  It’s a good bet that the minute you’ve read about an SEO procedure, it’s already old.  SEO companies, the real deal companies, spend a lot of time and money on research an development.  They’re constantly on the hunt for the next best tactic and technologies.

So if you’re debating on whether to do it yourself SEO or hiring a SEO company, think with a level head and sharp eye on your operating capital.  Weigh carefully your realistic goals and confidence and you should end up making the right decision.

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