The Impact Of Google’s Mobile Algorithm Change

Marketers and website developers are shaking in their shorts after it was announced that Google’s new change in algorithms that includes more mobile SEO has launched.

So far the marketers and webmasters have been hovering over their computers and statistics to see what changes, if any have occurred since the rollout on Tuesday, April 21.  The Mobile Friendly Update as it’s referred to, had caused quite a stir amongst the marketing and webmaster and SEO communities and industries for months. Shrouds of terror and anxiety enveloped many in these industries as it was rumored that it would cause upheavals in the way websites and blogs would be indexed on Google.  Should any major shifts occur, it meant the potentiality that untold millions of dollars in revenue might be lost as treasured spots on the search engine pages would shift to one’s advantage or drastically change things to one’s disadvantage.

Companies pay top dollar to get their pages indexed and in high rankings on Google, and there are millions of SEO experts out there whose bread and butter depends on their success at getting their clients’ pages and websites listed and in good position.

The experts have been vigilant night and day since the changeover occurred.  Every minute bit of data has been scanned and any changes require a diagnostic and correction if need be.  If the drops are too drastic, a complete overhaul and new campaign will be needed costing customers a good penny to start all over again and be competitive.  This isn’t an option, it’s mandatory as changes like this can mean the difference between success and total failure.

So far the experts are stating that they’re seeing some changes, but none so drastic as to call out Scotland Yard for.  That may not be the case in the near future or long term. Pros are scouring through the data and looking for anything they can exploit.  Ways to prevent their status from changing on Google, and ways to repair the damage before their competitors do.  The entire game has changed regarding SEO, local SEO, and mobile SEO and this is only for the time being.  As Google perfects its software and tries new approaches, nothing can be left for certain and that is going to keep the pros on their toes for a long time.

With surfers, webmasters, marketers all looking feverishly at the results of their searches both via computers and mobile devices, results are showing that some see changes and some don’t.  It’s getting spotty but that’s to be expected when new approaches are introduced.  What will be interesting to see are two things, how the shifts in business and revenue are affected and how fine tuned the software algorithms become.  Not only that, but who, if possible, will be able to crack the mobile friend algorithm code to exploit it and take the lead in results and offering services.  It’s a sure bet that right now some unscrupulous marketers are telling fear fraught business people that they can get their sites to the top of the Google pages because they know the new mobile  search algorithm secrets and the public should be on the lookout for these cons.

This change in mobile is a game changer but it need not be reason to panic just yet.  Let the statistics do the work and after careful analysis over the next year, it will show a good pattern of what’s going on.

If you’re a customer of an SEO company, keep in contact with them.  Read their newsletters and peruse their message boards and social media to keep on top of the happenings in this mobile friendly change by Google.

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