The Plus Side to Social Media Marketing

If you’re not engaged in social media marketing, you’re missing out on tons of revenue as well as opportunities.

Social media is the golden road by which today’s marketers compete and expand.  Without a knowledge of the procedures and techniques, software and strategies, you’re in the dark before you even start.  This goes for standard SEO and local SEO.

First of all just look at the numbers that social media brings in.  Facebook alone has a billion or more members.  Those are people you could be promoting too.  It’s almost an open field and endless vista of opportunities just a few mouse clicks away.  Same goes for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the rest.  Each social media website has its own rules and procedures, but there are 80 year old grandmothers who rock these websites daily and all they’re doing is posting pics of their grandchildren and vacation photos.

We’ve all heard of things going viral on Facebook or the other social media sites.  There’s no magic bullet to make things go viral.  Usually what goes viral either makes people laugh, makes them angry, or makes them sympathize.  As a small business you want the laughing and sympathizing approach.

You want people to know you first, exist, then that you’re a professional at what you do, and that you sympathize with their position regarding what they need and want.  It’s up to you as the business exec to know what your market’s consumers need and want and to let them know that you can provide them with it.  Social media is an awesome way to do this on more than one level.

You’ve got your gurus out there that claim they can make you a social media guru overnight.  That’s a scam.   Don’t even fall for it.  What you want to do is take responsibility on your own so that you have more control and that your hard earned investment dollar goes to real results, not just some guru putting your links on his high spam traffic site and claiming you’re getting all this wonderful traffic, when in fact you’re not getting anything near the valuable organic traffic that converts and retains, which is what you need.

You can start off on the right foot by opening Some Facebook or Twitter  accounts under your company’s name.  Put in all pertinent data and start ‘friending’ others or following other people.  Make comments on their sites as those comments will be seen by their friends that can come to thousands if not more.  Others will see your comments which should be engaging and useful.  They’ll friend you or like you and your audience will grow.  As you obtain a presence, just keep chatting with people.  Post pics of your inventory and top products.  Show pics of your staff working diligently, have videos and pics of satisfied customers.  Also, for local SEO make sure the people and locations are tagged with the location, local landmarks, sports teams, etc.  This all adds up in the short and long term.

As for Twitter, find like-minded people and tweet them.  Soon you’ll build up your following.  Toss in some surprise discount offers.  When people see you’re selling something at a discount, they’ll jump on it and then share it with friends.  That’s how things go viral.  Content that people need, want, and can engage in.  You’ll soon have your audience to whom you can promote and sell to.  Gather their email addresses, have them sign up for your newsletters, and you have a build in clientele that will keep coming back for more.

Rinse and repeat the successful actions and then keep pouring it on.  Keep your websites up to date, no spelling errors, all contact info precise, and most importantly, make those websites mobile friendly.  Teaming up all these elements will bring about a boost in your statistics in the short and long term.

Social media marketing is a necessity, jump on it now

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