The Marriage Of Google And Twitter

With all the talk of Google buying Twitter, we must look at the ramifications of what such a business marriage would produce.

Google noticed like a hawk, that Twitter’s first quarter earnings were not what the company expected.  This means that the Twitter execs have to think on their feet regarding their next move.  Being purchased by Google would mean a ton of cash and keeping Twitter going.  Twitter isn’t falling apart at the seams, but it is in need of some help.  Google as their parent company would benefit immensely, as well as Twitter would too, and for many reasons.

First of all, we’re talking a plethora of good things.  No negatives to be seen. Google would expand on all its levels by getting first crack at Twitter feed content, trends, and more.

Think of it this way, when a hot tweet hits Twitter, all that data will be evaluated and processed by Goggle’s algorithms and listed in Google’s results. This goes for standard and mobile.  Don’t underestimate the power of mobile nowadays either.  Google will be able to snag all that juicy Twitter content that piles in every second, scour through it all, process it, and dish it out to surfers. Surfers will get the most relevant and important data, not the spammy, marketing guru nonsense that permeates the web.  Twitter users will suddenly see more attention tot heir tweets and that means big goodies for organizations and businesses as their reach will be more thorough and expansive than ever.

Organic statistics should be more solid and expanding.  Since the marriage, Google expected to see results in May.  There’s no telling what Google has amassed from this joining.  It’s better for everyone involved though, and that might be an understatement.

Google will be able to see in real time what is trending, what is going on all over the planet.  Think of it, sports, news, finance, all the topics bubbling up on feeds that flow in from every corner of the world.  Google’s software and hardware will be tested and they’ll be able to provide more pinpoint results, tailor made for the surfer.  This could be a main way of bringing more pertinent info and valuable info to surfers instead of spam and nonsense.

Marketing should change as well because it will allow for marketing professionals to SEO their sites more efficiently, and with the growing mobile market, this will be a necessity like no other.

Authority is the next issue.  Your tweets will be more efficiently processed and reach your target audiences with ease.  This is why you will need to SEO your sites, make them mobile friendly, and keep up maintenance.  This is the game changing relationship and may give Facebook a run for its money.

Let’s take a look at what might happen with Facebook, Google’s arch nemesis. Google wished it had engagement like Facebook.  Twitter has huge engagement.  Mix Google and Twitter and you have search engine might, and social networking power and reach.  When the Twitterverse starts to see greater results, more revenue from less effort, you will see a stampede to Twitter and Google had better come up with a social networking venue that is sleeker and more attractive than Facebook.  If that happens we’ll see far more positive results from Google and Twitter to the point it just might stop the present change of social networking.

Look at it this way, you have a small business, you post a tweet, that tweet has a link to your profile which contains your products and services.  Normally you might get 50 re-tweets and a smattering of traffic. Now you post a tweet with relevant data, your sites are SEO sharp for standard and mobile, Google snags the tweet and you get 5,000 re-tweets.  You get more traffic, that traffic converts and retains. It’s a win-win.  You try posting on Facebook and get 50 shares and it ends there. It doesn’t go into the Google top spots so you’re swimming in mud.  If this turns out to be the norm, you can expect a firestorm of people using both Google and Twitter far more than Facebook.

So, as data comes trickling in, stay tuned to find out what happens in the short and long term regarding this marriage between Google and Twitter.

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