Marketers Scramble To Understand Google’s New Updating

Marketers are practically up in arms regarding the new ways that Google is applying their algorithms. The past month or so has shown dramatic changes in rankings with no real idea of the source of such changes.

Until now.

It took some time, but Google finally fessed up to the fact that they were using a different form of their processes outside of the feared Panda and Penguin software. Marketers and SEO experts had suspected the two pieces of premier Google software were responsible for the changes in their rankings but Google had sidestepped the issue until later.

Now it’s been revealed that Google had a different set of procedures based more on quality control. They didn’t upgrade their software, just tweaked some things that followed their goals of decreasing spam and pushing more relevant sites to the fore.

Authority on Google depends on several factors. These factors range from proper linking, quality copy, website design, updating, and more. SEO experts and marketers are scrambling to find out why their sites dipped or why some sites grew. Since Google hasn’t given all the data regarding their new guidelines and procedures, marketers and SEO pros have to figure things out on their own.

It’s a good bet however, that there is no magic bullet secret regarding why some sites have risen and others fallen. It’s probably just the bottom line of being honest, careful, informative, and meeting the needs of the surfers.

This means that when surfers punch in a query in the search engines, what they’re looking for should be found from sites that have professional layouts, professional images, video, SEO, blogs, and relevant data pertaining to the products, services, or data that is to the point and not laid out to try to deceive or entrap people.

People looking for dog food will hit the wide spectrum of just, dog food. People looking for organic beef dog food will see more precise results. People looking for organic beef dog food in St. Petersburg, Florida, will find even more fine tuning in the results. Thus sites that are optimized with that type of product, listing also location, prices, shipping, etc., are far more useful. If there is a blog that is updated regularly with professional advice, all the better.

This year has seen drama like no other. The earlier fear that the new mobile changes in Google would cause devastating results didn’t pan out and the recent change in results was thought it was due to the mobile changes or “Mobilegeddon” as industry pros nicknamed it.

It’s not all that difficult to see where Google is going. It’s very simple and to the point. Google doesn’t want anymore sloppy, deceptive, websites. They’re putting value on professionalism, courtesy, relevance, thus leading to authority and higher rankings.

It now behooves marketers and SEO pros to stop with the nonsense and get on the straight and narrow path. This will benefit everyone involved in the short and long term. The recent results in Google are a testament to this and those who don’t see it and apply what’s necessary will eventually regret it.

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