The Value Of WordPress

Since its debut way back in 2003, WordPress has taken the web authoring world by storm and for good reason.

WordPress is the site management software of choice because of several factors. One being is that WordPress is free, it is open source, has tons of options and plugins, and is easily integrated into one’s website.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use WordPress, but for some it’s a bit too tasking but that’s not to dissuade one at all. Most website hosting packages with cPanel have WordPress installation. All you have to do is choose it to install and you’re good to go. Next is customizing it for your purposes and WordPress offers lots fo ways to do this with ease.

The folks who bring you WordPress go out of their way to make thngs easy. It can look like a monumental task but it’s not that at all. It takes eome patience just to read through the options of the fundamentals and then build up from there. You have a massive community of developers, websites devoted to, forums, message boards, Facebook pages, YouTube tutorials and more that offer help in just about every area of the WordPress world.

This customization is awesome. They think of everything. You can optimize your site to have the proper monetization so you get sales through your direct product sales to affiliate options. You can do it yourself or have one of the many plugins to do it for you. Your SEO is simple as there are several plugins that handle SEO on all levels. All you have to do is create your content and punch it in. You can add video, pictures, text, even video games. Your option to add as much interactive and engaging content knows no limits here. Just query what you want to do with WordPress in Google, and a plethora of solutions will pop up. If not, just ask a developer as you may have discovered an untapped field of resource. They’ll be happy to comply as it means bragging rights and revenue down the line.
Remember, millions of people and companies use WordPress. Matter of fact some of the biggest companies use it. They trust it for its versatility and security. WordPress also offers tons of security features too.
Next is the ability to make your site work right, look right, and operate right. The average person may not be that savvy regarding website development and WordPress developers know this. Via communication with the public, the software is constantly being modified and updated so that more options are available.
For the marketer, WordPress is the answer. The reason being, WordPress has those features marketers need to get that traffic, retain it, and convert. WordPress is the platform, but your own creativity is the key. Convenience regarding posting by email or other means, being able to add media, even high end media is relatively easy. If you use YouTube or any of the other video sites to sell your products, you’ll find plugins that can accommodate them. Adding proper links and tags with embedded ads in just a few keystrokes. Every day it seems WordPress developers come up with some needed and astonishing features.
Overall, think of WordPress as your own automatic website manager. It has features that cover just about every area you need as a marketer and average website owner. Its blog capabilities are second to none and you’ll find it so easy to manage your blogs that all you’ll have to do is write your posts and email them in.
WordPress is updated often. You can choose to upgrade manually or automatically. Most hosting companies’ cPanel options will allow for auto updating so you won’t have a headache at all.
Finally, there are themes in the millions. People make WordPress themes for every niche and genre out there. Some are paid and some free, but simple surfing will find something you can use.
That all being said, don’t fear WordPress, it’s a tried and true piece of software and service millions swear by.

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