The Challenge Of Marketing And SEO

The Challenge Of Marketing And SEOIt’s as if there’s some evil cabal like in those James Bond movies that is behind the changes in SEO and marketing on the web. Every day now offers new challenges and new headaches to the point of overwhelm. It calls for taking a look at the changes, what has happened over the years and what experts feel will be the next steps for both fields.

First of all, the move by Google and other search engines to cater to marketing strategies may well spell doom for SEO service if proven successful. Google’s primary goal is to provide relevant results that are helpful to the surfer and to generate capital for their top advertisers. Google can’t let one piece of data slip by as considering the sheer massive amount of data that marketing requires.

The litmus tests are numerous here. Both traditional and non-traditional methods of online and offline marketing come into play. Google and the marketing community will be exploiting and exploring every aspect, and the minute statistics show which marketing approach works, you can bet that will be the trend. Soon new software will accommodate these approaches and tools too. Any SEO and marketing guru who falls behind on any new tactics or technologies will be so far behind it won’t even be funny.

To accommodate this, Google is going to have to provide webmasters with the tools to not only catch up, but apply, gather results, share them, and see how things improve down the line. Should marketing beat down SEO, you’ll see either a massive shift from standard SEO to the marketing strategies. This means professionals are going to have to hit the books big time. Not only will they have to pay attention to stats 24/7 but they’ll have triple duty comparing SEO, marketing, and other promotional tactics.

You may find that your SEO investment dollar will change. How much is uncertain but it would be well worth it as just one error can mean the difference between success and failure.

Let’s face it, in marketing it’s like the old saying about who has the most toys wins. In this case it’s whoever has the best web data.

The social network venues are kicking up tools and techniques to advertisers, but that’s for first party data and that leads us to what it all means to SEO.

Well, the bottom line is that magic word: organic.

Organic searches and traffic are the foundation to real revenue and what Google and other search engines use to process that data into useful data for advertisers and more. If Google doesn’t know who, what, when, where, why, then getting to the ‘how’ part is basically shooting in the dark.

Deep within this all is the personalized organic searches. Google’s been doing this for some time but marketers just don’t have all the data that Google does so marketers can’t get a controlling grip on how to manipulate this data in their favor.

It’s driving marketers crazy and it gives Google the one up on them.

However, all is not lost.

Using a bit of detective work, a marketer can get a good idea of how Google capitalizes on the personalizing of organic data. It takes time and a lot of work though and each campaign is going to have to be a case by case basis which means it may not be effective for the SEO and marketing on a mass scale unless some genius comes up with some software to gather and process all the data necessary.

It would call for covering so much information that as a client it would take quite some time to get all the organic data and ‘how’ and then apply it. Too much time would take place and boost the cost of SEO and marketing, however, there could be some golden nuggets to be had along the way.