There’s A Lot More To SEO And Marketing Nowadays

There's A Lot More To SEO And Marketing NowadaysThings regarding SEO and marketing call for a lot more nowadays and that meas you had better be up on what those requirements are or you’ll be wallowing I the mud of confusion.

You can’t have one without the other. If you’ve a marketing campaign you have to incorporate a SEO campaign that blends in making both as seamless as possible. This calls for expertise on a higher level and today’s experts in both fields find themselves more challenged than ever.

Your first mistake if you’re engaged in an ad marketing campaign is not incorporating SEO. If you think just tossing ads up will get you that organic traffic, then you’re highly mistaken. You can drive all the people you want to to your website, but if your website isn’t SEO’d, you’ll lose those surfers and they won’t retain and most of all, won’t convert to leads and sales and conversions. That’s the bottom line, conversions. If you’re not converting surfers then you’ve failed. Your website has to be dynamic and interactive. Today’s social media marketing venues have people interacting constantly. Your website should be equally as interesting and attractive. That calls for videos, pics, and written content that people can participate in. Proper tagging with the right relevant keywords are mandatory. Adding interactive options as in ‘shares’ or ‘likes’ and especially comments can not only get you that retention, but you might build up a fan base of people who like your products and services and hopefully use your site as some sort of hub to communicate with others of similar interest. For example, lets say your company sells pet supplies. You add videos that are funny regarding animals who use your products. People can vote on the videos, talk about their favorite breeds, share valuable information that you can use as a guide as to what the customers are looking for.

People have to find your site first of all, and then it’s up to you to sell your products and services to them. Step outside that order and you’re asking for trouble. SEO allows you to use the tools to find out what people are looking for and how your site relates to their search queries. Optimizing your site means the search engines like Google will be better able to index your site for your specific products, services, and location. Every little bit of data about you and your business needs to be exploited via optimization. This is how people find things organically. So if they’re looking for ‘pet supplies ear Yankee Stadium’, your website should not only have the ‘pet supplies’ keywords but also ‘near Yankee Stadium’ along with addresses and zip codes.

A bloated administration hierarchy can inhibit one’s ability to combine both SEO and marketing. This happens when there are ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ scenario. If you have a company that is large or one that is poorly structured, you end up with too many people to get a simple 1-2-3 type of action completed. If you have to have executives who must add their two cents to every decision, every twist and turn, then it can take a while for proper digital analysis to be done, strategy to be planned and approved, and then execution of said action or actions. The same can be said if you have an undisciplined hierarchy. If your company’s decision makers can’t make a decision unless someone’s spouse or kids or friend from college’s opinion is needed, then you get people tossing in far too many viewpoints that may conflict with one another causing confusion.

So remember, it’s optimize your site with SEO first, then combine your ad campaign and check your stats and analytics, ask questions, keep a steady course and you should be just fine.