Repairing Your Site By Optimizing Your SEO

Repairing Your Site By Optimizing Your SEORepairing your Search Engine Optimization via Optimizing that SEO may seem like a poor choice of words, but that’s essentially what you’re doing when you take on the task of getting your website up and running properly for Google.

As always, the first step is to check out the fundamentals o what makes a website look and act professionally. If your site is slow to load, full of errors, has rotten content, conflicts of any kind, it will damage your SEO and that means you need to fix that SEO.

Do an objective assessment of what your site has to offer and its goals. All your copy had better be professionally written and grammatically spot on. There can be no errors here. It’s a primary signpost that you know what you’re doing and providing the best data for usefulness that you can.

Things you’re looking for outside of basic errors are conflicts regarding links in and out. If those links are can be a major reason for penalization and if not corrected could spell doom for your SEO efforts. Make sure the links aren’t outdated or go to or come from less than reputable sites. If a site is linking to you and that site has lost authority or has been bought by some bogus company that has nothing relevant to your site’s content, it’s going to hurt not help. Don’t have your site linking to a site that basically sucks. It shows you’re either in compliance with less than quality standards or part and parcel to the underhanded and unprofessional sites in question.

Look for the keywords and keyword phrases on your site that are pulling in the traffic. If they’re not the ones you’ve targeted for yet are bringing in significant traffic, especially the organic traffic, then you’ve hit a golden nugget and need to exploit it. Use Google Analytics for an event like this. It could prove to be a motherlode of value that your competitors won’t be aware of until it’s too late. This is one of the main reasons you do rehab with your SEO, you might be hitting the high marks with work you’ve already done but aren’t taking advantage of your valued data because you’ve been negligent in doing your statistical analysis.

Of utmost SEO importance is to make your site useful. Google is looking for sites that people need to partake of. You can enhance your chances here by addressing the questions and concerns that people have regarding your niche. If you’re focusing on home improvement for seniors, then you should have sections devoted to answering the big questions and inviting social media interaction. Get people to want to come to your site and answer and ask questions. Have them share experiences and give reviews. If they do a review, try to get them to post it on their social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and get those links. This shows Google your site is being organically reached, is useful, and authoritative as well as active and not robotized.

Overall, there are dozens of techniques and tactics you can use, following fundamental repairing of optimizing your SEO, and you’ll be a better manager and marketer for it.