Improving Your SEO Chances

Improving Your SEO ChancesBelieve it or not, the best way to improve your small business SEO chances isn’t through fancy software or silly Black Hat tactics, but it calls for a multiple pronged attack that calls for addressing several issues at once and then melding them into something fluid, coherent, and effective.

Yes, sometimes adjusting one small thing can boost your rankings, but that’s not a wise strategy to follow. You need to first make a realistic assessment of your small business site and look for the points that need shoring up. Is your copy without grammatical errors? Are your pics and vids tagged and described correctly? Is the site easily navigable? Do you have inbound and outbound links that lack any value?

All those things and more count for a better functioning website that both serves your goals and purposes and serves the public.

You need to get your small business staff to take on the tasks to make sure things are in the right place and are working properly. Make sure they work in tandem but don’t step over one another to get the job done. Confusion will lead to a site that looks like confused people put it together. If you can’t spend time as the SEO project leader, then you need to appoint someone who can. Make sure everyone on the team is competent and enthusiastic about their job and won’t engage in silly rivalries with others.

It’s all about leadership and team work. Even if you think your site is top notch, the statistics won’t lie. If your site has dropped in the rankings, even by 3 or for places, you’re in danger of crashing totally. The minute the stats drop, look for what new thing was added to the site or look at what has been changed on the site. In all fairness only two things could cause a drop, changes made by you and/or your team, or a change like an update from Google via their algorithm software. All these things affect the quality and efficiency of your small business SEO efforts.

Don’t take things for granted. It takes some education on your part as well as your staff’s. The more people who study SEO on your team, the better. Yes, there are stringent policies to follow regarding SEO, but don’t pigeonhole yourself from trying new and innovative techniques. By studying your stats you’ll know exactly what is working and what doesn’t to improve your small business SEO infrastructure.

The overall picture here is that everyone has a job to do and must work in coordination with each other. Don’t put a person who is good at keyword analysis on website design, because your girlfriend or boyfriend who works for you wants to try their hand at keyword analysis. That would be stupid. Just one mistake and you could be penalized in multiple ways. If there isn’t someone around for a particular job, then you have the options of hiring someone or getting training yourself. Just don’t haphazardly assign someone to do something and hope for the best. That’s not even considered bad management, it’s considered foolhardiness, and businesses don’t run that way.