SEO Strategies The Newbie Way

SEO Strategies The Newbie WayMany companies and individuals can’t afford a SEO expert at first. SEO calls for specific knowledge and applied tactics and technologies. That being said, there are some things that a newbie can do to get off on the right foot regarding SEO.

Primarily, one’s website should be professionally designed and functional. This means a smart and effective layout, easy navigation, keyword optimization, and of course quality content that is informative and relevant. The engineering of your website is the foundation upon which your site must stand. If you mess up this stage, any other effort applied to it will be standing on shaky ground and could collapse at any moment. Do not underestimate this process. Search engines index pages, not websites, and each page on your site should hit the right marks with proper keyword descriptions for each page, contact information, text, graphics, videos, pics, all properly tagged, and navigation graphics and text so that people can find what they want.

Once the basics are in place, it’s time to focus on three things, link building, updating content, and keyword research as well as optimizing the site for mobile and social media interactivity.

Google’s algorithms have changed drastically over the years. With new artificial intelligence systems in place, it has been pushing old school tactics out of the way. Not so much emphasis on keywords as interactivity. Google wants to see your site alive and kicking, not full of stuffed keywords and spammy link building. Ling building must be done with honesty and forethought. Any link leading to your site should come form a reputable site of similar interest. If you have a site based on the best fishing lures, having a link inbound from a site focusing on bicycle brakes is useless and potentially hazardous. Google wants to see people chatting about your site and sending in links from message board posts, Facebook posts and shares, and other social media venues. It shows Google that people who have visited your site via organic traffic found something worth talking about of value regarding your site, they tell others about it, and those people visit and the cycle continues. This is the future of SEO and why you need to have a regularly updated blog.

Another aspect to add which is of immense value is ‘local SEO’. Local SEO is the practice of placing one’s location at every opportunity on the site. The reason for this is that it allows for pinpoint accuracy for people looking for your services in a specific area. You might have a business about dog grooming and are located in St. Petersburg, Florida. People in that city who have dogs needing grooming will be looking for a local shop. If your site doesn’t have your address, zip code and other local information, it won’t show up in the search engine results with the other businesses that do. Again, don’t underestimate local SEO.

Finally, study up on SEO. Make sure you get a good grip on the basics and any major changes in the field. Just one change can upend search results for millions. You want to make sure your site is SEO safe by following the basic SEO tactics. This way if a major change comes your way, you’ll be better able to adjust your site and stay in the game.

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