Personality Goes A Long Way With SEO

Personality Goes A Long Way With SEOInvesting in SEO is a must for today’s online marketer. Without SEO your chances of getting spotted via the search engines is next to nothing. There’s a lot of technology and technique involved but one thing that can hedge your bet even further is personality.

The public likes to deal with companies that do two things, provide the best products and services and has that friendly personality that makes them feel comfortable to associate with.

Personality What’s that mean? It means that you put a personal flair on your website, your logs, communications. It means you talk to the consumer and make a relationship that can last a lifetime. It means not blowing your cool and going off into political tirades but dealing with the needs and wants of the customer as best you can. High volume sites can’t always do this so they engage in a corporate personality. Hiring dozens of reps who deal with the public and addresses their concerns with courtesy and good fellowship. People appreciate this especially when they’ve got a problem that needs resolving.

For the smaller producer, establishing personality is a lot more easier and rewarding. It means not putting up some bland or static website, but a website that is inviting and entertaining to a degree. It means addressing the customer’s concerns via direct contact, blog, email or even social media posts. Social media works wonders in this fashion as you can chat it up with consumers and joke around a bit. This is essential to Local SEO as you’ll be addressing locals and neighbors who come to rely on you for services and goods.

Establish a spokes person or group of spokespeople, on a first name basis and have them participate in the on site communications and the social media ones. Let them also take part in customer support so that people know that good ol’ Bill Jones who chats on the blog is also the same Bill Jones who answers their troubleshooting questions. This makes people feel that like they’ve got someone who really cares, a friend at the helm and not some cold and distant company.

What happens with this is that your customers will pass on info via the web, hopeful with links to your site from there’s with relevant texts and keywords and from social media posts with the same. All this is like having friends plant your garden for you. Google sees this activity and considers that your site is one of significant importance to the public and is of considerable use to the surfer thus your search engine position will rise.

It doesn’t take much. If you enjoy your work, love your job, this isn’t difficult to achieve. Just set the time aside to enjoy what you do and connect with the public to make friends for the long term. Once you get the ball rolling it will snowball month after month, year after year, with enough archived content showing how your company deals with its clients on a positive basis and that leads to encouraging further rapport and solid fan base.

It’s all about you being the friendly you that you are to your family and friends, and your staff doing the same. Make friends out of your customers and you’ll have customers for life.