In The Near Future Image Is Everything For SEO

In The Near Future Image Is Everything For SEOThere’s no argument that we humans are visually oriented. It’s in our makeup and the way our brains process information. Imagery is what we run on and when it comes to SEO, it might turn out that the computing systems of the near future will rely on images far more than we suspected.

Any scan of the latest in cognitive research will show how important imagery is to the mind. We retain images to allow us to interpret our surroundings and memories. Dreams are form of cut loose imagery that some say are ‘mirrors to the soul’ but scientists say are a make up of several cognitive functions. Today’s internet is a visual wonderland with video all over the place, dazzling graphics and with social media, visual content is king. Artists are dominating with their works such as art books, graphics, comic books, childrens’ books, advertisements and more. If you want your product and site to be noticed, you had better employ some visuals for three reasons, attention, retention, conversion.

That’s all you need to know right there.
This doesn’t mean loading your website with an avalanche of art, it means using well done art and imagery that is SEO compliant. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram are all examples of how imagery is exploding on the SEO scene as people and Google log and save and index these images based not only on text descriptions but on other algorithms. Have you seen Google’s image search option for faces? Face recognition? It’s getting scary. You just post a pic of you or someone and the search engine finds the closest matches. It’s still in its infancy but it’s still something to reckon with.

People are a simple minded lot. They don’t want to hurt their brains and imagery is what they’ll default to. This is why with all your posts, you should include an image. Tag it and add descriptions that have the right keywords and are relevant to the post and place you’re posting. Heck, every time you post on Facebook, find a YouTube vid of yours or of similar nature that is entertaining. Pinterest and Instagram accounts should be alive and kicking 24/7. Even if you have to hire a photog to go out and take pics just to post. The more entertaining the better. For example if you’re a plumber, you might want to take a pic of something funny or gross that you’ve pulled out of a pipe somewhere. Make a video, a pic, and a meme based on it and post it. If people find it interesting they’ll share it. Make sure your URL or contact and business info and keywords are attached. Don’t spam but post, post, and repost.

Take time to study how popular image posters do their thing. Compliment them on their work and see if they’ll offer you tips. They might post your work on their popular feeds and the next thing you know you’re a worldwide sensation. It’s all about the numbers and whom you know. Your online allies will be of a fantastic resource and benefit to you as long as you keep your manners and produce quality work. You might even build up a fandom and then you’re talking a platform of organic traffic that money can’t buy.

Don’t worry about equipment to make vids and such. Today’s average smartphone has enough camera and computing power and software apps to do the job as good as a professional studio.

So don’t just sit around watching the competition run over you. Get in there and get some images associated with every area of your site from the landing pages to the checkout pages. It will pay off in the short and long term.

Image credit: Affordable SEO Company