Automated Social Media Sites: Perfect Platforms for Running SEO Campaigns

Automated Social Media Sites: Perfect Platforms for Running SEO CampaignsIt had become a trend of sorts for SEO specialists to treat the process of search engine optimization as exclusively distinct from social media in all its myriad forms. However there were individuals for whom both the concepts were identical. In reality, social media and SEO have a symbiotic relationship and their interdependency is such that one cannot thrive without the other.

If you wish to increase the visibility of your brand in the online realm, you’ll have to create search engine optimized content that’ll become viral across different social media platforms every time you refresh and update relevant content. Following are some tips on how to harness the power of Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Viber for reinforcing your SEO strategy.

1.Working on creating a steadfast following

The more users and followers you attract on your Facebook or Twitter profile, the greater are the chances of your site improving its during SERP drives conducted by leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Now there’s a catch here. Sometimes, you’re flummoxed as to how some of your competitors manage to have near unlimited followers despite having a poor content. You may not be aware that there are numerous companies who pay followers to give favorable feedbacks about their products or services. These sites come a cropper as far as building a base of organic followers is concerned.

Google always favors a site that has a limited number of organic users over a portal that is chock a block with proxy users. Therefore, you should focus on building a steady base of organic followers by engaging directly with customers, regularly posting fresh content about your product or service, and offering tips on how best to use the brand.

2.Regularly update original content for building a rich variety of external backlinks

Your primary goal that you should never lose sight of is to upload fresh and original content as well as keep updating the same. Once you get into the habit of routinely publishing creative content you won’t have to worry about attracting quality traffic. Users will follow suit by habitually visiting your site to lap up the ingenious SEO blogs you keep on updating consistently and will act as goodwill ambassadors by spreading the good word around thereby setting a chain reaction. Soon you’ll have your hands full as there’ll be innumerable external backlinks on different social media sites that reconnect with your site.

3.Go all out to impress Google

It’s no wonder that most SEO strategists develop content that are more Facebook or LinkedIn oriented. You’ll do better to realize that Google is still the most popular search engine which means the SERP ranking accorded to your site by it (Google) is crucial for its (your portal that is) online viability. Side by side with posting content on the topnotch social media sites make it a point to send at least one post to Google+ on a daily basis. Also ensure that the post has imaginative content reinforced with relevant keywords.

4.Keep tweeting on Twitter

Google now banks solidly on Twitter posts for indexing social content where the prime parameters for indexation are total count of link sharing, total re-tweets, and the longevity of sharing. So see to it that your posts are periodically updated on Twitter.

It should be noted that a well-planned and well-implemented SEO strategy has the potential of reaping in a lot of benefits for any particular site. It can be from any niche or genre, social media serves as a great platform to reach targeted audience, that too in the most affordable manner.