Be The Star Of The Show With Your Own Personal SEO Branding

Be The Star Of The Show With Your Own Personal SEO BrandingPersonal branding is just as important as company, corporate branding and done correctly could be the difference between success and failure.

Business is all about profit, and profit comes from great service and products. Having a sound reputation for both is what creates a brand name for your company. People recognize your name for top notch service and will promote you at every twist and turn in their lives. You can’t ask for better advertisement as no matter where you turn in your industry and related industries, you’ll see or hear your company’s name being mentioned above others.

What most people don’t realize is the potential for personal branding and its importance. Not only that but certain employees can get a brand name under yours and become industry players in their own right.

Why is this so important and why should you nurture such a practice? Because it’s opportunity that left unexploited is like bleeding money out of every door and window.

Your brand name is your sign post. It’s how people identify you, close and by afar. People don’t give it a second thought about purchasing your product when you’ve got the reputation that calls from a great brand name.

That being said, the personal brand name comes in second, but it may not stay in second place regarding how important your company is. Examples given are radio stations. They’ll be known by their call letters but also by the name of the DJ or talk show host. Sometimes a celebrity’s celebrity is enough to draw in listeners to send the stats through the roof. The smart station uses this in their promo along with other Djs and celebs and their call letters. Fans will pile in when they find out their favorites are associated with you. Nowadays, thanks to social media and mobile, you get a brand name and you’re viral, you can retire overnight. It’s like money in the bank but you’ve got to earn that brand name and maintain it with good sense and sound reason.

There are many variations on a theme here and we need to look at how brand naming applies. It can be layered to your best advantage and fun too. Let’s say your store’s name is “Chicago Joe’s Hot Lunches”. Well right there you’ve got two opportunities for brand naming. You have “Joe’s Hot Lunches” and “Joe”. When people see your brand name they’ll say things like, “Chicago Joe’s Hot Lunches is the best deli in the Windy City!” People familiar will agree and people not so familiar will remember the name. Now if you’re Joe himself you can capitalize on your own name, “Chicago Joe”. Make up promo for each and then the fun gets even more cool. Let’s say that you’ve got employees who get well known at your store. Let’s say one of them is “Chet” and he’s famous for whipping up the best milk shakes. Well now you can promote “Chet from Chicago Joe’s Deli” and people will take notice. This compounding of brand names adds to more notoriety and of course SEO.

Mix all that with Local SEO and you’ve got something going on for sure. It’s all about recognizing opportunity and capitalizing on it in every way. It’s your brand name and that means you can do what you want. Use it to make merchandise such as t-shirts and mugs and so on. Have a big, stark graphic that people can see a mile away and thus associate with our company at a glance.

So don’t underestimate the SEO power of your company’s brand name nor yours and you’ll see the kind of notoriety and security your investing time deserves.