Choosing Social Media Influencers for Boosting Your SEO Strategy

Choosing Social Media Influencers for Boosting Your SEO Strategy
Social Media Influencers

Tapping the potential of social media movers and shakers or influencers to put it succinctly, has riveted the attention of SEO strategists and for good reasons. These social media champions have, of late, played a key role in driving up the traffic of visitors to a website as well as exchanging and sharing of content/information between and amongst users that is mutually beneficial. That influencer canvassing or publicizing have had an ennobling impact on the online marketing campaigns of both small and big companies will be vouchsafed by SEO planners themselves. But where do you track these influencers? And once you’ve traced them, how do you go about selecting the ones that’d be apt for your branding strategy?

Before you get started on the search process, apprise yourself on the benefits of engaging with social media influencers and the identification process for the same. First the benefits of socializing with these masters that can go a long way in boosting the SERP rank of your site.

Organic Link Building Receives a Fillip

The necessity of link building doesn’t need to be emphasized when it comes to enhancing the rank of any site when Google or Bing undertakes a website ranking drive. You surely don’t want your site to rank on the first page just for the heck of it but to have more niche traffic that’ll ultimately opt for your product or service thereby increasing your revenues. An influencer can be instrumental in placing your SEO content before unlimited new or first-time users. Just imagine the ubiquity your site will have once these visitors add the same as an inbound link from their profiles.

Association will lead to enhanced mutual growth and development

You’ll have access to the influencer’s or influencers’ traffic once there is an interaction (with the influencers) on a topic or subject-matter privy to both the parties and vice versa. Increased and consistent engagement with social media influencers will result in getting your content through to more users. The collaboration or association will be mutually beneficial for both the associates.

More linkages and heightened goodwill

Once you’re in the good books of an influencer, your chances of being viewed favorably by external publishers as well as followers receive a boost. Consequently, influential publishers will be carrying your blogs or posts leading to your building effective links.

Essential attributes of an influential influencer

The social media influencers that you’ll be chasing must have an enviable following. When you talk about making an impact or influence, you naturally think in terms of numbers. So, the influencer that you’ll be targeting for furthering the image of your site, should have a mass following in order to create the required level or degree of  impact without which there won’t be much to look forward to that can be shared mutually.

Secondly, the influencer should be someone who routinely posts comments and feedbacks on current topics as such an individual would be willing to network or socialize actively. Finally, the individual and you should’ve something in common like a pastime or pursuit both are passionate about. Following are some of the most popular methods of chancing upon the influencers.

1. Making the most of the social heeding software programs

There are numerous software programs that you can take advantage of where you can bump into influencers that’d be worthwhile for you. You can stream specific topics relevant to your domain and snoop on celebrated individuals networking on your preferred subject matters.

2. Industry-wide scrutiny

Though this route of tracking influencers is somewhat protracted as you need to peruse or scan events, symposiums, exhibitions, and journals concerning the industry you’re in, the possibility of finding exact matches is very high.

3. Straightforward search

This is the simplest and most straightforward means of scouting for social media influencers. Either use the standardized ‘Google search’ option or browse through automated social media sites.