SEO Comes Alive With Content Marketing

SEO Comes Alive With Content MarketingIn this day and age of the web, if you think all you need to do is put up a few web pages and do some simple SEO will get your business popping, you’ve got another think coming.

A website is like a storefront. It either sells what’s inside or it doesn’t. It makes others feel welcome enough to step on in or it doesn’t. It beats the competition for function and flair or not. You have to put some work into your website and that’s where content marketing comes into play.

The web is full of websites that just sit there gathering dust. They’ll have a few keywords or keyphrases going for them but when people search for the subject matter your pages won’t show up anywhere near the top of the search engine results. Why? Because your site is bland and inactive. It just sits there like a lump with cobwebs hanging off it. In other words, your site is just a pile of basic data that no one is interested in.

Content marketing will do the trick here and get you more traffic by default. Don’t get lazy. A website reflects you and your company. You want people to enjoy shopping from you and boasting about your goods and services to others. As these other people become curious and query you via the search engines, the better off it is for all. This is why your site needs just more than keywords. You need a blog, updated newsletters, updated web page data that spans across all your web pages on that domain. You want social media to recognize you too as this can b e a huge amount of targeted traffic. It’s that organic targeted traffic that you want as every other kind of traffic is secondary or useless.

This is how the big sites do it. They have active content management campaigns going on 24/7. They’ll have lively updated blogs that answer the public’s questions, interactive video, and graphics that take advantage of all forms of SEO including local. It’s not about who has all the bells and whistles on one’s site, it’s more of how do you get the word out about your site, bring people in to peruse around, and get them to take an active roll. The more these people add content to your site, the wider the expanse of keywords and searchable data you site will possess. Google will see this as your site having so much interest that it must be the ‘go to ‘ site.

Let’s look at an example of this. Joe gets five web pages up for his site. Each page has his company and contact info, some graphics, pics, etc.. He gets a smattering of hits to his site and can’t figure out why. Next, we have Andy. Andy has a bigger strategy, to do some content marketing. He’s set up his office to be responsible and engaging. He puts up a blog to talk about current events especially centered around his products and people who may need them. He shows video of him with happy customers, industry pros, and other authoritative sources. This makes your site look like a hub o profound activity and Google will recognize it and give you the boost up the search engines you’ve been looking for.

Your content marketing campaign has to get people fired up, willing to participate. You’ll need to study the successful content marketing techniques as well as hiring a content marketing professional. Don’t sit on your web pages, get moving! He who hesitates is last in the content marketing game, so don’t get caught with your sleeping, a web page calls for more than that.

Picture Credit: Suomy