Bad SEO Analysis Leads To Trouble

Bad SEO Analysis Leads To TroubleSEO is such a series of specialized technologies and tactics, that there is often the error of marketers to misunderstand what is going on. One must be level -headed enough to be able to read raw statistics and apply them so that the best results can be gleaned, and a promising plan of attack can be established.

Far too many marketers or company owners don’t realize the value of certain statistical data that applies to their sites and SEO campaigns. One of the top ones is thinking that keywords alone are an indicator of success. Yes, keywords are important, but there’s more to keywords than just plastering your site with them. It’s a matter of how well they’re engineered into your site, what type of traffic they’re bringing in and to what degree they do.

Do your keywords pull in more traffic from search engines or social media? It is important to know this because if you’re designing your site to just focus on search engines, you may be missing out on extremely valuable organic traffic from social media. You need to dig in deep and realize, wherever your power is coming from, that is where you need to devote your primary attention and then work on the weak sources.

Looking For SEO Validation
Yes, some people have big fat egos and unrealistic assumptions. They’ll hear or r3ead on some SEO guru’s website or blog about how this action is better than that action and the naive fat head webmaster or marketer will gauge their success on one type of metric that doesn’t do everything they expect. When the truth finally hits them in the hind parts, they then get disappointed and crestfallen. Statistics are raw data that present the results of efforts. It’s not about opinion and wishful thinking. If you can’t or won’t read solid statistical data and accept the truth they present, then you’re going to end up in SEO creek without a paddle.

Your ROI Is The Final Word
Your ROI, Return On Investment, is the bottom line to all your efforts. If you don’t realize the value of where your ROI is coming from, then you’re just shooting in the dark. Perhaps your biggest source of online traffic is Local SEO and search engines. If so, then don’t waste the time on regular SEO and social media. You have to realize the purpose of SEO is to boost your ratings in the search engines, and that boost will come from several sources. Knowing down to the last detail which effort is producing the most traffic that then turns into revenue means you’re taking the right level of responsibility and are now able to plan strategies that are both efficient and equitable.

Never mind what other people’s opinions say. The only person you’re interested in is your SEO professional, whether that be yourself, a staff member or a contracted SEO specialist.

It is of vital importance that you do not screw up here. This means finding out via every form of communication you use, fliers, websites, blogs, business cards, to detect which are successful due to SEO. Minute details like this will lead to such precision SEO campaigns that they can change your future drastically.

Be Realistic, SEO Takes Time & Effort
Make sure you’re looking at everything realistically. SEO doesn’t happen overnight unless you are the sole owner of a brand name and product or bit of news no one else can exploit and has gone viral. Many times a site employs standard SEO tactics that normally will take months or even years to bear fruit. Then, out of the blue, you present a pic or video with proper tags of some comical or outlandish event that no one has ever captured. Suddenly it goes viral and you end up with inbound links that just blow you up the search engine results overnight. It does happen frequently to marketers who know how the SEO game works.

This is why you must never underestimate any action as the proof of the SEO is in the statistics.

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