Rethinking The Value Of The Press Release For SEO

Rethinking The Value Of The Press Release For SEOIn the old days when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, there was a thing called a press release. This was a piece of paper either handed out or mailed that told the public about a company, a government office, or even a church’s recent events and upcoming events. It was highly important to do this if you wanted the press to pick up the information and deliver it. It’s been a sound procedure and found its way into SEO many moons ago.

The press release procedure followed along to the web. It was a more economical and far reaching means of informing the public about something. Soon, SEO experts started to notice that the press release was an effective way to raise a website up the search engine results. It wasn’t just one positive factor, but several.

It was a good secret at first but then other caught on. When this happened an unscrupulous tactic of sending out press releases about every event soon caught the eye of search engines and the practice is penalized.

A press release will have your website data as in links and keywords. When others post your press release in their blogs and websites it establishes an inbound link to your site with your keywords intact. If the site sending the inbound link is a top company with lots of authority in their niche, then you getting an inbound link makes it look to Google as if your site is of significant importance.

This is a great value but it cannot be overdone. If you send out a press release, don’t do it every other day. Not like you would do with an email list. Instead, schedule your releases at exact intervals. First of the month, last of the month with maybe one in the middle of the month. This way, you’ll be covering a respectable time table.

Only companies that have daily or weekly newsworthy events like entertainment sites promoting events and contests can get away with several press releases a month.

Your press release has to be abrupt as well. Don’t get too fancy, just add a wee bit of style, but get the point across and think of your press release as you would your website. Is it SEO friendly? That means there are top grammar and spelling, keywords in the right place, a description and any links to videos and pics and graphics should be tagged with the right, relevant keywords. Don’t forget your NAPs, Name Address Phone as this adds an extra kick of doing Local SEO. You want your vital info out there and in as many places you can get. It’s like almost free SEO.

So your press release is still a valid way to bring about good results regarding using a press release. Just remember that You don’t want to rub Google raw so use your press release options in a professional way and you’ll do just fine.