Types Of Content That Help Local SEO

Types Of Content That Help Local SEOIntroduction

If you are looking to do better on your local SEO, you probably realize you need content. However, you may not realize that you need specific types of content, such as local content. Local content can make a huge difference on how well your page ranks.

In this article, we will focus on the types of content that help your local SEO.

Types of Content

The following types of content are what you need in order to help your local SEO.

  1. State/regional landing pages- There are different ways to break this down. Perhaps you want to break it down by counties and then cities. Or regions, such as Northwest and Southwest. It is best to look at whom your audience is targeting and then go from there.
  2. FAQ page- Using a FAQ page for local SEO is a great way to optimize your page. Almost 33% of mobile phone searches are related to locations, making it a wonderful idea to optimize this content to rank higher.
  3. Blog content- Blog content can help improve local SEO rankings. There is a number of different topics that you can do that correlate with your business. Examples of this may be doing a feature about a store that is carrying one of your products, or doing a blog post about different types of dresses if you are a boutique or fashion store. Or perhaps you could do a definitions page about terms that are used in your business that others may not be familiar with.
  4. Create a “best of” list- A best of list will intrigue your readers to want to learn more. Consider a best of list for top bakery foods if you are in a bakery business or the best color combinations if you are in the fashion business. This is shareable content, so if it is helpful, others will want to re-post it so their friends can see it too.
  5. Partner up with local events- Let’s face it. It can be a lot of work getting an event to take off. But if you consider partnering up with other local events, it can take the stress off you. Sponsoring one or more of these events is a great way to really get your business going in terms of local SEO. Donate items with your name or logo on them that recipients will use,such as lip balms, pens and pencils, water bottles, ice packs, and more. If your company can not afford items like these, consider asking about other ways you can sponsor,such as dishing up ice cream at an ice cream social or face painting at a carnival.
  6. An about page- Utilizing an about page is a great way to get others to learn about you. This page can tell why the company was founded, and also list any awards that have been won. It can provide links to other information that the consumers may feel is necessary. A video of the business story or a timeline of the business story is also great content that makes an impact.

In Summary

The above types of content will help with your local SEO efforts. Keeping your information relevant to your site that targets your audience can greatly help with your local SEO. If you are uncertain about types of content to create for your site, or just do not have the time yourself to do it, consider contacting Affordable SEO Company for all your local SEO needs. They will be able to help you set up a schedule to post content on a regular basis to keep your audience well engaged.

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