How To Get The Most Out Of Local SEO In The Summer

Summer 2023 Local SEO StrategiesSummer is a great time for both relaxation and improving your local SEO. Here are some simple ways that an SEO company would recommend getting the most out of your business this summer.

If you have not yet done so, join the lineup for Google Search Labs, which will allow you to have access sooner rather than later to the new Search Generative Experience (SGE). This is the search engine’s huge experiment, including AI in the search results. This will allow you to determine how you can have more visibility and take the top spot using different formats.

Another thing an SEO company will tell you is that you need to be prepared to serve your customers in any weather. If you live where it is a cool 60 to 70 degrees, do not think that absurd things cannot happen, like an increase in 30 degrees. Various regional companies will be required to think a second time about seasonal variations and start a smoother supply and inventory foundation to adapt to climate and environments natives are not ready for. Anyone in business should follow this local SEO tip. Even restaurants can benefit from it. People who are used to living in 60-degree weather may find that their hot cup of Joe will not cut it if it gets above a certain temperature. Therefore, by offering a cold or frozen coffee, you are still serving them in a climate they need to adapt to.

A huge way you can get above the local competition is to use videos when you publish a page. This is a local SEO trick that can be used on pages already published as well. Be sure to add a longer video that provides a summary of the content on the page. You should plan on posting this video on your YouTube as well. Then create short videos that highlight what you really want the customers to remember most.

Google My Business can also be very helpful for local SEO in the summer months. Make a plan to upload three seasonal pictures each month this summer. This is a great way to get creative! Maybe decorate the outside with a pink flamingo or have a beach theme inside.

You should plan on crafting a new Google Update each week in June, July, and August. Use offer-type updates to receive the most clicks, concentrating on any warm weather deals or coupons, attracting customers by saying these are time-limited deals. Also, do not overlook including a powerful call-to-action of what you desire the client to do once they have read your Update.

At this time, you should also make sure your hours are correct on GMB. If you extend your hours during the summer, or perhaps even close earlier on certain days, it is wise to have updated hours so both locals and non-locals can determine when you are open.

It is also a great time to focus on the reviews you have received. No one likes to get a bad review, but know that if you do, how you react is the most important thing. Comment back on the review, letting your customer know you care and are prepared to make it right with them.

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