Natural Link Building Is For The Best

Even though the SEO industry will bicker about the value of link building and backlinks, the bottom line is that they are still of great value if you know how to work it. Search engines are looking for specific information that allows their algorithms to determine if a site is legit, offers quality content, and provides the raw technical data a search engine to categorize and list the webpage properly. Due to years of spammers and crooks trying to rig the system, Google and other Read More +

Review, Correct, Adapt To Sane SEO

Far too often webmasters or marketers wonder why their pages aren’t doing well on the SERPs. They’ll stew and ponder until their hair falls out and all it boils down to is that they’ve overlooked a mistake on their pages or they hadn’t done a good job of looking at their site like the surfers and search engines do, or worse, they don’t adapt to new technologies and techniques. The first thing to do is to review your site. Look at it from the surfer’s Read More +

You Never Know What Keywords Work

If you’re obsessing over keywords that you’re researched and used in your SEO strategies then you need to realize that you’re sweating over nothing. Well, not totally nothing but over keywords you think are going to bring to to the top of the search engine pages for greater exposure and more traffic. In reality, keywords aren’t the goldmine they used to be. It’s more of the way the keywords are used as well as the ‘shot in the dark’ keywords that you didn’t even know Read More +

Fighting Negative SEO

You can never underestimate your fellow human being from doing some underhanded nonsense like affecting your website with what is called Negative SEO. Negative SEO is when several factors call for your website to lose in your statistics. You’ll lose traffic, reputation, and income unless you do some Negative SEO Remediation and other tactics. The things to look out for are essentially a drop in traffic. This will appear in your stats and you will need to do some detective work right away. You must Read More +

Don’t Be Slow With Implementing Mobile SEO

Marketers and webmasters have been advised and warned for years now about the importance of implementing mobile SEO on their websites and blogs. Mobile is the growing market for devices to access the web and it’s been going so fast that it’s difficult to keep up with. We need to look at the reasons why you should get your mobile act in gear. The Issue As mentioned, mobile is the fastest growing market for devices to access the web. Now that computer manufacturers know this, Read More +

The Keyword Circus Is Still On

Once again the argument over what is going on with the value of keywords has hit the block.  This time it’s a matter of whether or not many established keyword practices still have value or if they are antiquated.  No one can tell for sure nowadays so we’ll have to look at the old and the new to try to figure out what the future holds. The Problem Had it not been for scammers trying to beat the keyword game via the search engines, we Read More +

Keeping a sharp eye out for Content marketing SEO

Is going to compete professionally using one’s content and the new search engine in use then one must be aware in the past may not always work. This means that one must adapt to the new technologies available for searching. That being said is highly recommended that one taken to account strategies the Horizon that you’ll need to be prepared for. The traditional way of using search engines changed drastically over the years. It’s due to advances in Technologies little Owl the search engines two Read More +

Bad SEO Analysis Leads To Trouble

SEO is such a series of specialized technologies and tactics, that there is often the error of marketers to misunderstand what is going on. One must be level -headed enough to be able to read raw statistics and apply them so that the best results can be gleaned, and a promising plan of attack can be established. Far too many marketers or company owners don’t realize the value of certain statistical data that applies to their sites and SEO campaigns. One of the top ones Read More +

Rethinking The Value Of The Press Release For SEO

In the old days when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, there was a thing called a press release. This was a piece of paper either handed out or mailed that told the public about a company, a government office, or even a church’s recent events and upcoming events. It was highly important to do this if you wanted the press to pick up the information and deliver it. It’s been a sound procedure and found its way into SEO many moons ago. The press release Read More +

Put Away Your Fears About Link Building For SEO

Anyone who knows anything about SEO knows that linkbuilding has always been a great way to rise up the search engine rankings. That being said, many feel that linkbuilding might be going into extinction. Well, the recent analysis says that may not be the case, and those thinking of investing in time and effort to do linkbuilding might just want to stay the course until otherwise. Briefly, linkbuilding used to be a part of a chaotic universe. The old ways allowed for scammers and spammers Read More +