How To Create A Content Marketing Schedule

How To Plan A Content StrategyWhen working on content for your site, having a content marketing plan is very helpful. What you post on your site has a considerable effect on how much traffic goes to your site each month. Therefore, developing the best content marketing strategy you can is of the utmost importance. By following our guide below, you can be sure to develop the plan that meets your needs.

  1. The first thing in your content marketing plan to think about is your goals. We all talk about our goals, but unless we truly know what they are, we may lack in meeting them. Do you wish for your site to attract a large number of visitors? Or you may see your content as being authoritative, so your marketing strategy should focus on the label. Whatever your goal is, be sure you know exactly what you want from it.
  2. Do you know who you will be targeting for your brand? What sort of content do they like? Is there something that will not appeal to them? Knowing who will be visiting your website will assist you in making the best decisions for your content marketing plan.
  3. You will also want to know as much about your competition as possible. When you look at their website, see what type of content they are using. Does it seem popular? While you are there, take note of what keywords they are using as well.
  4. Now that you know what your competition is using for keywords, you can do your own keyword research. What are your visitors searching for? Make a list of relevant search terms, then begin to weed through them until you find the best one.
  5. The next step in content marketing is to look at the content that is already on your site. Is it relevant to your brand? Does it add valuable content that your readers will find to be engaging and helpful? If you answered no to either or both of these, you need to reevaluate what you are placing on your site.
  6. Now is the time to look at where you are placing your content. Have you been sharing it on social media sites? Can you make videos that you could link from YouTube to other sites?
  7. You will also need to determine who will be in charge of your content. Can you create it yourself or have a team member assist you? Or would it be in your best interest to hire a content marketing company to help you create the best content you can?
  8. It is also imperative to determine how often you will post new content. It needs to be frequent enough to keep your website new, yet not too often to overwhelm your guests.
  9. Crafting content is the next step. Set up a posting schedule, giving yourself plenty of time to write it. Then use your keywords in your writing so your visitors can find the information they seek.
  10. And finally, be certain to go over your work on a regular basis. The best of the best always adapt their work as needed to stay ahead of the times and their game.

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