SEO is not only effective but affordable too for local dentists


Small businesses with a mainly local clientele can easily make the mistake of thinking that SEO is not for them however SEO for small business growth and marketing is ideal even if they only serve a small suburb or district. Of course for a local business word of mouth is important but there are still a lot of people who don’t know you exist and don’t know what you do or how well you do it: remember there are always people moving into an area or coming to an area on vacation. One business that can get a lot out of a good web presence and SEO is a dentist. SEO for dentist’s surgeries is a fantastic idea, people will often get a dentist recommended to them by someone but many will look online instead or as well. If people are searching on Google for a dentist they will usually put in their location and then dental surgeries or dentists. SEO means you can be the business whose website comes up first and what’s more it can make sure you come up with a title and description on Google for your page that matches what the person searched for and so maximizes the chance they will click on your link.

For a dentist SEO makes financial sense when compared to advertising locally, especially as less and less people look in a yellow pages or similar and search online instead. Because you are only focused on some very relevant keywords you can make sure that all the traffic you generate is local and looking for a dentist. SEO done using local keywords also means you don’t have to compete against thousands of other dentists around the country or even the world. If you try and get to the top on Google for the keyword ‘dentist’ you have little chance, no matterSEO Tampa | Dental SEO how much you are willing to spend: perhaps this is what has put you off SEO in the past. It may even be that other local dentists haven’t considered SEO either though and this will make it even easier still to get to the top of Google, though it is a top three position and a great title and description that are most important.  Of course as a dentist SEO can only get people to your site: once there you need a professional looking site and maybe some testimonials but the hard part of getting a potential customer to become aware that you exist and are local to them is done.

You can do very similar things with SEO for small business using local and niche keywords whatever it is you offer locally, it of course works best with services that people care a lot about but only use occasionally or are likely to change. With dentists it is the case that people often change their dentists if they are unhappy with them and the same is true for a business such as a gardener with something like a florist the choice is important but the use of a florist may be fairly rare With both gardeners and florists and to some extent dentists examples of work are important that lends them to an online information search for a potential customer.

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