Why AdWords Quality Score Is So Important

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I’m sure you know what Google AdWords is about. Somehow you’ve landed on this page which means you’ve been either already using it for a while, thinking about use it or perhaps had stopped using it.

I probably don’t have to explain that Google AdWords is the most powerful web marketing mechanism and can bring your products and/or services to the web customers in a matter of hours if not less. However, are you aware that the keyword ‘s Quality Score in your Google AdWords campaign is very a important element for your Google ads?

Google has introduced the keyword’s Quality Score to encourage high relevance of your ads, keywords and website landing page which suppose to improve a quality of Google search engine results. The Quality Score ranges from 1 to 10 where ten is being the best. I actually have not seen a better Quality Score than 8 in my practice.

So how it may help your ads if the relevance of a keyword, an ad and a content of a landing page matches which results a higher Quality Score?  It will really help you a lot as it not only saves you your budget but also improve a visibility of your ad. Below are the main performance effects for your Google AdWords account:

  • Cost decrease. The better a keyword;s Quality Score the less price you pay per click (CPC).
  • Ad’s eligibility to be dsiplayed. Your ad will have more  chances to be displayed on the first page easily at a lower cost if your keyword’s Quality Score is high.
  • Improved Ad position. You ad position depends on the keyword’s Quality Score. Therefore your ad will be ranked higher and ultimately will be displayed higher if your keyword’s Quality Score is high.

You next question probably is “How do I make my keyword’s Quality Score higher?” My answer is it’s very simple. We just need to make sure that the keyword you use matches the Ad which suppose to be triggered by that keyword.  Also, the landing page is very good optimized for that keywords. For instance if you keyword is “Vacation in Tampa” (see picture below) then

  1. The Ad should contain words “Vacation” and “Tampa” in the ad’s title and in the body of the ad.
  2. The Display URL should also contain the keyword words.
  3. The landing  destination URL may need contain the keyword.
  4. The landing page’s on-page SEO optimization is actually very important for a Quality Score. So make sure that the landing page is well optimized including the page title, meta tags and a content of the page.


Google AdWords Campaign setup and managment

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