Google’s Third Quarter Earnings Show Search Advertising Is On The Rise

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In three quarters of 2011 Google has made $27,321B comparing to $29,321B Google had made in 2010. No questions, 2011 will be the best year ever for Google and I predict that in the 4 th quarter of 2011 Google will make the quarter record of around $11B. As you may know, most of Google’s  revenue comes from Google’s main business, Search Engine Advertising including Google AdWords.

It’s not a surprise that when the economy gets tough small businesses usually loose some existing customers and get less new clients. Obviously, consumer and business customers try to save and don’t spend as much during the difficult economical time which leads to a significant decrease in small business revenue and creates a domino effect on the economy. However, no matter how bad economy gets we still need a dentist if we have a toothache or a car mechanic if  a car needs an oil change or a repair. This means there is still a demand for small business services and products even when the economy is as soft as it is now and if you play your cards right your business will survive if not improve during the difficult economic times.

I hope it’s no-brainer, the answer to a small business success during the economic recession is the smart advertising, the advertising to a potential customer which is actually seeking for products or services your business provides. Keep in mind that for a small business owner it’s also very important for the advertising to be very cost effective which brings me to the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing or Google AdWords, Google’s version of PPC.

The proof that Google AdWords is the most productive marketing tool on the market is Google’s revenue , the earning Google has been continuously making with the steady increase year after year. That’s a proof that Google AdWords works and if you are not doing that now then you might be loosing a good percentage of your revenue to your competition. With the economic outlook is not being very bright now you might start rethink your marketing strategy for the rest of this year and year 2012.  Don’t waste your time and money, think Google AdWords and start advertising with Google.

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Source: Google Investor Relations

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