How to Get Better With the Simple Stuff if You Get Cold

Oh well … We are almost got through the winter months and I hoped that the chances of getting cold in sunny Tampa Florida decreased to almost zero. But this morning I realized I was wrong assuming that.

I still had to go to a meeting across a town I could not reschedule; I still had to talk to my clients and SEO staff so taking a day off was not an option. I dragged through the day and  at around 4 PM really felt like *****.

Then I remembered a good recipe  that involves the following components: boiled water, tea, lemon, honey and bourbon.

No matter how you mix these components you will not make a mistake. I recommend not to put too much bourbon though 🙂 just a half a shot works nice. This was shared with me a few years ago by a New Orleans shef cook and I am using it from now on any time I feel under the weather.

Folk Cold Medicine - Alternative Medicne
Treating cold with tea, lemon, honey and bourbon

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