Raytheon has created a system to spy on users of social networks

U.S. company Raytheon jointly with the U.S. government has developed a technology that can follow people and predict their movements on the basis of data from social networks. Software solution, the development of which lasted for two years, was named Riot – Rapid Information Overlay Technology. The new system, which resembles a search engine makes it possible to obtain detailed information about a particular person, including a list of his friends, he visited the place and other details.

An important feature is the ability to predict Riot users move further. For this, the system not only uses data from Facebook, but the GPS-coordinates of Foursquare, as well as information from the micro-blogging on Twitter. After analyzing the patterns of user behavior, Riot can make a chart with the most frequently visited by the user specifying the time and places of visits.

Raytheon to sell their development is not intended. The company, which is among the largest providers of solutions to the national security, plans to use new technology to improve its products.


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