Honesty Is The Best Policy With SEO

Honesty Is The Best Policy With SEOYou’ve seen the ads all over the web.  Some company is going to provide you with the best Search Engine Optimization there can be.  That’s SEO for short.  They make all kinds of claims and so on but in the end you end up losing your ranking on Google and getting penalized not to mention with a hole in your pocket.

SEO is both a science and an art.  It’s not something that remains the same year after year.  It’s a process by which experts, those well heeled in the workings of the search engines have spent countless hours working on.  This calls for research and application and sometimes what is referred to as luck.  The best at SEO rely on math and procedure.  They have to be two steps ahead of the competition and three steps ahead when search engines like Google change their algorithms and procedures.

When hiring a SEO expert or team, take into account their claims.  Check on their testimonials because faking testimonials is a common practice with all businesses nowadays.  Check consumer report sites and Better Business Bureau data too.  It’s all too easy for a SEO scammer to make your site look important with a list of spam site backlinks that will definitely get you penalized by Google and other search engines.  Ask about what they’re going to do and an honest SEO company will walk you through each step of the way without revealing their top secrets.

SEO is a monster of an industry.  You can get a pro SEO expert and reach the first page and top ten of Google but a week later the competition will beat you down then it’s back to stage 1.  So make sure you understand that honesty is the best policy when it comes to SEO.  Soon the search engines will come up with a system that lists sites more fairly as the scammers get deflected and deposed.

In the meantime, study a bit on your own.  Know the language and basics of SEO.  Once you’re familiar with that it will make your SEO options easier to understand and implement.  Again, be careful of hiring someone else to do your SEO for you.  Just like buying a used car you’ll find enough people banging at your door with offers.  Same goes with those how-to courses you’ll find online.  Some cost a small fortune and deliver nothing but old and outdated tools and techniques.  No one is going to expose their top methods in a course until they’ve exploited it themselves.

So that’s the best in SEO.  Honesty is the best policy regarding SEO.

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