SEO errors you can’t afford to make

SEO errors you can't afford to makeSEO, or Search Engine Optimization is still alive and kicking as a functional and effective way to get traffic to your website, blog, or other online presence. If you run a business it is a must have series of tools and processes that requires much study and application.

Doing SEO right isn’t just a matter of adding some cute keywords on the page and hoping that the search engines will find it, not at all. There are specific steps, all of which require monitoring constantly. Actually, monitoring the website or blog, is a key action that many webmasters and site owners don’t do and wonder why their efforts fail.

Nothing remains the same on the web and getting your site noticed and referenced means you need to keep an eye on it. This calls for checking the statistics. A good statistics program is essential and not to be overlooked. If you have no idea of what is going on then you won’t be able to tweak and fine tune your site for optimal effectiveness. It’s not called optimization because it sounds cool, it’s called optimization because that’s what it is.

Today, Google and the other SE’s are aware of complaints from surfers that the results they see after a query are often of low quality. Lots of SEO going on but the content is so rotten that the surfer wonders why they even tried. This destroys a site nowadays because the SE’s are on to the scam and are vigilantly scouring sites to make sure the content is quality and not just slapped together to get popular rankings.

Another boo boo is sloppy writing. Even in translations the copy should be written by professionals and not someone who is doing it for pennies. The reason being is the computers know the difference between a human and a a word processor. No computer program can match the wonders of a person’s perceptions and translated to the written word. Routine and obvious low quality copywriting that doesn’t catch the eye and engage the reader means the surfer will wander off, never come back, nor link or refer the site.

Link building is both a science and an art and goes both ways. Whom you link to and who links to you shows SE’s that your site or blog is popular. Sure there are scammers out there that pile on the links hoping to boost their presence but the SE’s are getting hip to it and are instead looking at how social networking links instead of direct links via websites and blogs. Doing sloppy link building will get you penalized and fast.

Finally and foremost, keyword and keyphrase abuse. Cramming the site with keywords and keyphrases does no one any good and you’ll find out quickly that improper use will bring about bad rankings and you’ll be left in the dust.

So there you have some SEO boo boos you can’t afford to make and shouldn’t.

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