That Update You Felt Was Google!

1-ASFL1It is now confirmed that the update that occurred at the rankings was indeed Google, but it had nothing to do with the software they use.

In fact, the company came forward and admitted that they did an upgrade using other tools. This answers the changes in rankings and so forth that marketers had been noticing.

Marketers had been dreading the next update from Google, expecting the update to come from their Panda or Penguin software, so while people were hanging over the shoulder of Google waiting for the two piece of software to kick in, Google snuck one in on them and now Marketers are scrambling to see what changes have occurred in the short and long term.

As the dust settles, this gives marketers a chance to get their ducks in a row. To be able to see how these random updates affect the rankings. They’ll be pouring over every detail, every bit of information and then restructuring their game plans to best take advantage of them.

Google is really giving these people a run for their money. With their main software and other lesser known software, no one knows all the ins and outs of how to optimize for Google. It allows Google to better fine tune their criteria to get rid of the spam and criminal websites. Google wants surfers to get the best results as it means better revenue and satisfaction.

It still tells marketers to keep their websites honest and informative. Rank via authority with great copy, proper design, honest linking, and all the things that make a website top notch.

The party isn’t over yet, if you’re a marketer, the SEO game is more vibrant than ever.

So how do you prepare for the next time Google has an update? You’ve got to plan, plan, plan. You need to assess your sites and look at them objectively. Would a surfer find something on that site that is useful and applicable to their lives? Is the content engaging and ready for social media? Are your links and reviews positive? Have you handled any negative SEO? All the contingencies have to be covered or you’ll find yourself with lower rankings and a lot of work to do.

So go get em’. Hit the books and see how you can improve your Google SEO campaigns. Don’t get caught by surprise again!

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