Google Algorithm Updates Keeping Marketers On Their Toes

Google Algorithm Updates Keeping Marketers On Their ToesAs you may have heard of late, Google had an unannounced update using some of its core algorithm software. This update caused quite a stir amongst SEO experts and online marketers and what has been gleaned from this update sets the pattern for future SEO applications.

It wasn’t Google’s most famous software like Panda or Penguin that did the changes but an unnamed software or series of software that did the deed. What the changes entailed is far more surprising and more interesting as it gives us a clearer picture of what Google is focusing on. It appears that Google is scouring things that trend. It make sense to do so. Live, up to date social and cultural trends should be at the top of the SE results. This allows for surfers to be able to find that latest info in a click or two. One can imagine Google’s software searching high and low for every new news story, social media buzz, corporate breaking information and more.

That being said, it now gives marketers a new playing field to work on and choose actions to best take advantage of. It will call for more work and spot on targeting of one’s efforts, but it is happening and will happen from now on.

Marketers will have to be on their toes from now on. They’ll need to keep an eye on the headlines not only from the US, but also from every country in the world and what happens in cyberspace. That’s a long haul worth of work to do, but it’s the future from now on.

Marketers and SEO experts are going to have to use whatever tools they can get their hands on in order to compete. It’s good to say that someone, some developers somewhere are going to come up with new tools to help in getting those right keywords and catching up to Google. It might be Google itself that offers these tools to webmasters, it’s only a matter of time to see what comes off.

The keyword here is “trending”. That means what’s hot as far as topics are concerned to the public. These trends can change in a second and upsets SE results just as fast. Marketers might be in the middle of optimizing their sites for their latest results and suddenly the updates hit and things have to start all over again.

To combat and compete, marketers are going to have to change their basic tools and strategies. Google isn’t bound by contract to notify anyone of anything. They’re being polite and generous enough as it is with tons of help, tools, and guidance. As these trending algorithm changes continue, so does the volatility of search keywords and keyphrases. It may be far too much for anyone to get a solid grip on what happens next, but it’s a good bet that the adventure will be a worthy one.
Google is always improving and tweaking, so what works today may not be the same months from now.