Organic Linking & Behavior

Organic Linking & BehaviorCreating backlinks to your website and business can mean the difference between obtaining prospective clients and experiencing a rugged, or even failing business model.

Thanks to today’s modern world of marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, the odds are in your favor. However, with the updating and new anti-spam tactics and efforts on behalf of major Search Engines like Google, the rules have changed.

Keeping it Relevant

Whether it’s from link-sharing with a similar service or product provider to posting on online discussion boards, keep it relevant.

When business owners rely on ‘empty-handed’ SEO link building tactics like “spamming” message boards with irrelevant backlinks to your website it could cost you red flags and even disqualification from major search engines—leaving a huge dent in your business.

Another common mistake is business owners independently or rely on others to post their backlinks on websites and discussion boards, yet they fail to adhere to the realistic expectation of actually including a thoughtful, relevant post with the link. Even worse, sometimes when you hire a contractor to advertise your business this way violates the rules of other websites and in turn leaves both your business and your name with a bad stigma. Keeping it relevant can mean the difference between business success and failure.

Avoid Spamming the Internet

Another common mistake with some business owners, and unfortunately at times—unbeknownst to them—is that their business or website is being spammed all across the internet in inappropriate or otherwise dishonorable ways.

This in itself should be a 101 lesson on why it’s necessary to verify the references of and previous work of any contractors you’re considering for increasing traffic—using resources online to check where the “unique” traffic is originating in the world, these services are FREE!

Seek Out Premium Reviews and Presence Online

For any serious business owner or marketer, it’s vital that one understands the differences and value of top-rated website visibility (via major search engines) such as Google, versus low end exposure that is otherwise not as, if at all, profitable. These are also known as high and low authority websites.

It’s hands down a worthwhile investment to take into consideration these terms,  SEO techniques, and their relevance when attempting to successfully build a business or sell a product to people around the world—via the Internet.

When it comes down to it, choose quality over quantity. Unfortunately for many, 10 low authority websites with back links still does not compare to one backlink on a high authority website. Besides, this also shows, more often than not, a likelihood that the method of link building is not only organic, but specifically relevant to your product or service.

Understanding the Realities of Backlinks

Although many people may write it off in today’s market, manually link building as a SEO method is not necessarily a bad idea—given it’s applied correctly and effectively.

Ultimately, it will come down to where you are manually link building to, and from, as well as what frequency you’re doing such.

The reality is, although some might not see it this way, when you’re sharing a product (relevantly), along with an image (desirable), and thoughtful text, you’re opening the doors to a person’s friends friend sharing this with his or her friend, and so forth. So again, just because the initial audience may not desire it, doesn’t mean it’s not applicable.

However, in the same instance, this doesn’t mean to go off and attempt to advertise your fruit importing business on a BMW discussion board or website. These types of link building or back linking behaviors and advertising will undoubtedly get you blacklisted, removed, and banned one way or another—minimizing your profit potential and prospective future clients.