Good Tips For Better SEO

Good Tips For Better SEOOne SEO tip that should work is updating your copy content to include a good number of keywords and keyword groups. What this means is that your basic niche should be focused on in your website copy content and any additional topics should tie-in to those keywords and groups. For example, let’s say you’re selling fishing equipment for freshwater sports. You would of course have copy to cover the types of rods and tackle that are needed and then the types of bait and subsequent tools and accessories. Not limiting yourself you would include locations and the types of fish that can be caught. In addition, any personal stories and regional contests and holidays, local landmarks and so on. You’ll find that people will be searching for these items as well as your main keywords and keygroups of words and all will lead them to you as they’ll be part of your search engine profile.

Now this all ties into what are referred to as content groups, our second tip. You’ll of course have your main content for rods, one for tackle, one for bait and so on. Each of these should be itemized with titles and subtitles clearly marked with the opportunity to expand with updated content.

Our third SEO tip regards social networking and what’s happening in your niche. The social networking world is immense. However, there are trending issues that burst upon the scene that generate considerable organic and targeted traffic. Knowing when these trending topics come forward is essential. For example, your fishing site talks about a lure that came out 8 months ago. Unbeknownst to you there is a modification to that lure that has just come out. The public is in a rush to purchase it and are chasing around the web to find the best price. You should be alerted to this and jump on the opportunity to upgrade your content to spotlight it thus pulling in that targeted and organic new traffic.

Authoritative recommendations and breaking news information. If you’re going to be part of an industry, you should shoot for being an authority on it in as many ways as possible. Just having a general knowledge may not be enough. You need to know when the latest products and services are available so that when the public is on the hunt, your sit should be prominent in the search engine results. This means subscribing to your product’s newsletters as well as alerts to fan base social media information, forums and so on. Throw out that valuable authoritative bit of information whenever you can with text, pics, and/or video, well tagged and so on. People will come to rely on you and the recommendations will exchange in your favor.

Stay on top of your industry news is our next SEO tip. Don’t let a day go by where you haven’t checked for the latest news. Often manufacturers will let out a new release note, a bit of information, a tip, or even a product safety alert. Be the first to broadcast about it as its importance will definitely be something the search engines will get inquiries about. If you feel there is something wrong with a product or service, don’t hesitate to contact the company to address the issue. You may well be the first to find out something and break the news to the world that will open a probable floodgate of organic and targeted traffic your way.

Finally, be competitor savvy. Know what your competitors are doing and focusing on. Make sure your site and blogs are not sub par to there’s. If they are beating you in traffic and attention due to more videos, then restructure your video campaigns. If they have a stronger social media presences then upgrade yours. If they’re getting more reviews from review sites or fans, the get in there and get more positive reviews of your site as well. Don’t try to battle for keywords and keyphrases and keygroups unless you’re willing to pay for it. Stick to your guns so that your site gets people’s confidence whereby they use it for reference and embed your links in their emails, website copy, blogs and social media conversations.

There are more SEO tips out there but these are the big ones that need attention immediately and are the wave of the near future.

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