Things That Ruin Your Local SEO Campaigns

Things That Ruin Your Local SEO CampaignsFrom the start, it’s the fundamental to the complex things you’ll have to face regarding local SEO. Nobody is going to do it for you unless you hire a professional to do it. There are things you can do from the start to make sure you minimize problems and things you can do now to remedy problems.

Here we’ll cover things from website structure to duplicate listings to the proper way of content efficiency.

First of all, make sure your site is professionally structured. Don’t use some cookie cutter template that doesn’t fit your goals. Pick a template or make one that expresses what your business is about and can accommodate your tweaking your site for more local SEO efficiency. With no spelling errors and good layout, you need to incorporate information about your location that the search engines can see regard that location for solid local SEO placement. Your location and region should be prominently displayed without errors. Name, contact info, zip codes, any keywords, keyphrases, keygroups that can incorporate your locations information. Remember, you want to find your business listed in the new Google 3 pack for your area. Anything less is unacceptable.

Mobile friendliness. If your site isn’t mobile friendly regarding your local SEO campaigns you might as well just give up. Reason being, mobile is the fastest growing computing market. It is the technology of choice since most people don’t want to be computer geeks, they just want to call people on the phone, shop, listen to music, play games, and gossip via social media. Desktops and laptops are fading fast, so your site has to be mobile friendly and Google has free tools for this. Your local SEO campaign must have pages that are mobile friendly or you’re going to get left in the dust.

Content efficiency. Your local SEO campaign calls upon your site being useful to surfers and you can only do that with updated content that includes well written and engaging copy, pics, and videos. All must have your company name and location mentioned. This will show Google and the other search engines that your site is alive and useful.

Social media engagement. There’s no need to mention the importance of social media. It’s now the primary way people communicate with one another. Your site has to have social media options and engagement and you need to make sure your company name and location are prominently mentioned in every post and pic. Even making your own memes for sharing has to have that info incorporated into it. Don’t underestimate social media for your local SEO campaigns.

Police for duplicate listings. Duplicate listings can ruin some local SEO campaigns. You need to look around to make sure you don’t have duplicate listings hovering around or Google can step over you regarding their 3 pack listings. It can be tough, but there are ways to do this. It’ll take some time, but it’s something you need to address.

So those are just a few ways to make sure your local SEO campaigns work for you.