7 Resolutions for Enhanced SEO in 2017

7 Resolutions for Enhanced SEO in 2017As the curtains fall on 2016, SEO specialists and online marketing strategists roll up their sleeves to plan well in advance, the innovative techniques that’ll set the ball rolling for their clients’ firms. SEO spin-doctors are now focused on developing or rather orientating their marketing campaigns around the evolving search engine landscape in the upcoming year. The following blog introspects and analyzes how search engine optimizers should adapt themselves to the continuously transforming search engine results scenario. This article outlines and elucidates the resolutions or pledges that SEO marketers should be making in the New Year.

1.Making good use of analytical metrics for thorough measurement

There’s no gainsaying the fact that SEO experts now have more online tools to gauge their canvassing techniques and tricks than they ever had since Google became the global number one search engine. Additionally, a majority of these web-based analytical tools are free-sourced which implies that you don’t have to pay anything to take advantage of these. So, any alibis on not being able to evaluate your efforts right from the beginning till the end (so that the ranking of your site improves on Google’s SERPs) will sound hollow.

Making the most of the free online assessment tools shouldn’t just be limited to simply searching these. In fact, you should be exploiting the tools in a manner that fetches you more traffic and improves your site’s overall standing in the eyes of Google.

2.Make your site more smartphone friendly

As an SEO marketing specialist, you’ve become accustomed to devising a promotional strategy that has been traditionally more geared towards desktops, laptops, and PCs. Hitherto, as long as your site downloaded speedily on deskbound computers and mainframes and as long as users were able to navigate through the portal easily, you took it for granted that the meticulously prepared marketing strategy would work. However, since the past few years, Google has been compelled to update and upgrade its major ranking algorithms to factor in the user-friendliness of sites when it came to downloading these on smartphones.

The search-engine was apprehensive of losing ground to popular e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay as the tribe of users who used smartphones and other mobile digital devices to log into sites was burgeoning. Today, smartphone owners constitute the single-largest group who use Google/Google Chrome as their default browser for logging into sites. Hence, it goes without saying that you should customize your site in a way that the same is easily accessible and navigable on mobile digital gadgets.

3.Make the most of the micro-formatting

It is quite befuddling and stupefying to note that a great number of SEO experts and business proprietors or owners are yet to exploit the potential of rich extracts or snippets. Micro-formatting the content of your site makes it convenient for Google to analyze the information and in the process enable Google Knowledge Graph to evaluate the same. So, make it a point to extract mileage from snippets and excerpts in 2017.

4.Make your content more verbose without compromising on originality

The quality of content will continue to be a key differentiator as far as your site’s SEO ranking is concerned. You’ll be better off having high-quality, original content that is wordier even if the turnout or quantity is less.

5.Temper your site by uploading more catchy videos

Live and animated videos were all the rage on the popular automated social media platforms in 2016, and it is expected that the trend will continue in 2017.

6.Go in for frequent SEO audits

Appraise your SEO plan at least once in a month to continue making improvements and keep stagnation at bay.

7.Pay attention to what your customers have to say

You may be able to increase traffic to your site, earn more revenues, and improve its ranking if you’re willing to act on your customers’ feedbacks.