SEO’s Game Has Changed

SEO's Game Has ChangedOne of the toughest things for marketers and webmasters and companies fail to understand about SEO is that it has changed and so has the game.

This basically means that what used to work for SEO doesn’t work today or needs modification. People are resistance to change and the same goes for SEO tactics and techniques. Some people just get into the same old rut based on past success or industry rumor. SEO marketing companies that are only out for the fast buck, will tout these old techniques as solid. It’s because of these people and the mindsets that bring people and companies to disappointing SEO results.

The old tricks don’t work anymore. Even if they were honest, they’re just not what it takes to capture the top spots on the search engine pages. Keywords, meta tags, link building, graphics, copy, all play important parts in SEO. Some not as important as others, but still viable for building that foundation you’ll need to get started and expand. The top spots are now won by one of two processes. Money and/or skill. Google knows all the tricks and due to their updating of their software, they’re able to weed out the crooks and snake oil salesman. Nowadays the webmaster and marketer have to be on their toes with just not technical know-how, but sheer raw talent in creating content that makes a website move.

Actually optimizing a website nowadays is like putting on your own little television program or Broadway play. If you’re a one man operation you’ve got your hands full. You’ve got to be the photographer, graphics, writer, engineer, correspondence, and more. You just don’t do it once either, but it’s a long-term commitment because one of the today’s top parameters for success is a lively, active website, not some static thing that sits there collecting dust.

As a team, you’ll need to delegate the various responsibilities so that you can have a professional on each level. Your copywriter team or person has to be the best you can find. Not some sweat shop like writer’s forum. Google is now able to detect higher quality and the minute you produce less than stellar work, Google and the public will know and it will cost you dearly.

This is where the big challenge is today. Quality and topical content that makes for great social media interaction. The reason being that the ever-expanding reach of social media leads automatic traffic to a qualified site, links, references, reviews, citations, comments, and more. In other words, a sizzling pan of eggs gets more attention than a boiling pot of eggs. When your website is cooking on all burners it shows the Google software that your site is happening, popular, and useful to the surfer. It shows that whatever topic or niche your site covers is of importance and worthy of comment and reference. When this happens the site almost builds itself upwardly but you can’t just stop there. Today’s business website needs regular updates. Pacing is important here too. If you have surfers that respond want weekly updates, then don’t leave them in suspense with monthly ones. If your site is really flying off the shelves and has a Facebook page that attracts a good-sized audience, then daily attention may be in order.

Overall, if you want your site to hit the top of the search engine pages, you better know how to put on a show. Your company’s marketing team had better be able to see the areas to exploit and know the trends of your industry so as to be on top of their game at all times. When that new slang or software, that new industry-wide incident occurs, your site has to reflect that and if smart, predicted it to some degree. People will see you as a forerunner of industry news and they’ll be sitting on your doorstep for more.

Yes, the game has changed in SEO and nowadays the ball is always in your hands.

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