Battling The Menace Of Negative SEO

Battling The Menace Of Negative SEOOf all the hazards on the web, the menace of negative SEO is probably the worst for web marketers. The reason being, these negative elements can sink any website business and you’ll not see them coming until they’ve already done damage. This is why it’s wise to know the signposts for negative SEO and what to do to prevent and remedy the situation.

Negative SEO usually starts in two phases, just bad links or content associated with your site, or direct efforts of sabotage from competitors, enemies, or disgruntled people. It’s difficult to monitor and police the web, but you can take a proactive stance that minimizes the damage or even the potential.

Don’t Give Them A Chance

The first step in avoiding negative SEO is not to give them an opportunity to implement it, nor let yourself add anything to your site that would cause you damage. Make sure your site is efficiently engineered and operated. This means having someone around as much as possible to monitor your site. This is important because the first indication of negative SEO is when your site’s statistics show a drop in traffic or unusual use of resources. Villains will put up a number of damage causing links to your site. It’s called backlinking, but instead of boosting your traffic, it damages inbound quality traffic by getting your site penalized for having dangerous or inappropriate inbound links. This tactic is the sneakiest and most damaging because it can happen without your being aware. The only way is to check for who and what is linking to your site that has content that the search engines would find inappropriate. Maybe one day the search engines will penalize people for linking to your site with inappropriate content, but for now the technology is unable to discriminate between an action by the webmaster or the action of the saboteur, so by default you, the webmaster takes the punishment.


Monitoring your website is your first line of defense against negative SEO. The second line of defense is to maintain your website. Like Scotty on Star Trek, you need someone who can fix things on the fly. The maintenance person has to employ the necessary alerts so that they can know at a moment’s notice that something is wrong with your site. The primary concern are things like downtime, scripting conflicts, and most of all, slow loading speed. As soon as speed is found to be compromised is when maintenance goes into action. The webmaster should be contacted to remedy the situation based on the data done by the maintenance person. They will find the source of the problem and if it isn’t withing their control, it will be the webmaster’s task. The increase slow-down you’re looking for is overwhelming traffic from a non-productive source. This is where negative SEO comes in. When an enemy uses dishonorable backlinking to your site it can generate a lot of traffic and slow down your site speed. You’ve got to act fast. One thing you can do is to re-direct the backlink to a page that invalidates any negative stuff said. Once your enemy sees this, they’ll stop because they’ll realize their negative efforts have been converted into positive results for you.


Detecting and repairing negative SEO is best left to specialists when the tasks to try to handle them become too much. Professional companies that specialize in repairing negative SEO now come into play. They will know how to use the tools and techniques necessary to detect and repair. One thing is to look at the Google Business data. That is a valuable tool to use as is looking for bad reviews o f your goods and services. It can be overwhelming which is why you’ll need a professional to handle it.


The primary thing you’re looking for are customer satisfaction and professional behavior. The company should communicate with you in a friendly and knowledgeable manner. Answering your questions and educating you to what they can and can’t do. These are the vital first steps and you should be aware of what the specialist can do and what your responsibilities are. From checking the SERPS to checking for bad reviews, the negative SEO repair company has their work cut out for them and it will take your active participation as well. You’ll work in tandem to best cover the problems that arise or can be prevented.


So the bottom line to getting rid of negative SEO, are to be proactive and attentive, hire a negative SEO repair specialist, and never rest on your laurels. Preventing and repairing negative SEO is just going to be part of the landscape if you do business on the web.