Put Away Your Fears About Link Building For SEO

Put Away Your Fears About Link Building For SEOAnyone who knows anything about SEO knows that linkbuilding has always been a great way to rise up the search engine rankings. That being said, many feel that linkbuilding might be going into extinction. Well, the recent analysis says that may not be the case, and those thinking of investing in time and effort to do linkbuilding might just want to stay the course until otherwise.

Briefly, linkbuilding used to be a part of a chaotic universe. The old ways allowed for scammers and spammers to just focus on quantity of links instead of quality. This led to people just slamming any links they could find, join linking webrings and all sorts of stuff. This worked until the search engines got tired of their surfers looking for a topic and ending up being redirected to all sorts of nonsense.

Google invented new software and algorithms that put an end to this practice and then started focusing on quality and authority of the links instead of quantity. If site A had 100 links from a variety of sources, it won’t rank as high as site B that has 20 links, but those links come from sites specific to topic and niche. This then makes those sites authoritative instead of just spammy foolishness.

Nowadays the smart webmaster or marketer knows that getting those authoritative sites is the proper way of linkbuilding. It’s a long and tough process and in some cases expensive but in the long run it’s the best way to get things done right.

Google goes for so many new parameters that it takes some studying to get it all right. Basically, it’s a matter of honesty and integrity and relevance. To get these types of people to pitch in on your linkbuilding you’ll have to work hard or hire a professional linkbuilding company. These companies know the ins and outs of the SEO industry and will apply the latest techniques and technologies to get your sites as high in the search engine pages as possible.

The big challenge has been Google, but that challenge isn’t enough to put the kibosh on linkbuilding, at least not yet.

Penguin and RankBrain and Google’s other software that determines page rank, have constantly changing algorithms. Webmasters and marketers are put to real task trying to keep tabs on these changes. They may spend hours of time and money and effort indulging in engineering websites to accommodate or best take advantage of these search engine changes, and it can sometimes end in major frustrations. If it’s tough a job for professionals, you can imagine what a nightmare it can be for the average webmaster.

Google has gotten so tired of scammers and spammers that millions of such websites have dropped like rocks from their previous high positions on the search engines. Google wants quality sites to appear at the top of their pages. They know that an unhappy surfer is an unhappy customer. Yes, Google has its own paid advertising spots at the top of their search engines, but the main positions pots are hard fought for and Google wants to make the playing field level. This forces webmasters and marketers to look for and solicit quality links so that surfers can find the best via the search engine ranks and not be led away to some up selling scam site.

As mentioned before, just because Google and other search engines have the watchdog on the front porch, it doesn’t mean that linkbuilding is dead or going to die. What it means is that webmasters and marketers are going to have to work hard for their money. It isn’t pleasant, but it is important if they want to stay on top of the search engine pages.

This is where Affordable SEO in Florida comes in. They have an excellent staff and years of experience. As mentioned earlier, they’ll use the latest tools and technologies and tactics to bring you to a solid ROI or Return On Investment so that you can see your website established on the search engines with the right kind of expertise that sends your sites to the top of the search engine pages.