The Keyword Circus Is Still On

Value of KeywordsOnce again the argument over what is going on with the value of keywords has hit the block.  This time it’s a matter of whether or not many established keyword practices still have value or if they are antiquated.  No one can tell for sure nowadays so we’ll have to look at the old and the new to try to figure out what the future holds.

The Problem

Had it not been for scammers trying to beat the keyword game via the search engines, we wouldn’t have the mess we have today.  Two primary problems arose that now makes it next to impossible for the small guy to get a keyword in edgewise.

Firs of all was the practice of keyword stuffing.  People would put every keyword you could think of in a webpage and it worked at first.  Then when search engines got wise they put the hammer down on this practice.  It wasn’t that it was evil, it was just people taking advantage of a new technology.  It got so bad that some webpages were nothing more than one giant keyword farm.

The second thing to come along were pay for play options.  This is where search engines charge you for the top keyword spots on their search engine results.  That sure put a crimp in the style of the everyday Joe.  There was no way he could compete with the big shot companies that could fork over millions of dollars of promotional advertising money and write it off.

Up against those odds, there had to be a way for the average site owner to compete and sure there is but it’s a myriad of stuff to do to get to the top of the SERPs.

The Remedy

Since the competition is tougher than leather to get one’s website to the top of the search engines keyword-wise, engineers have had to come up with what the algorithms of the search engines appear to like. It means doing the grunge work though and realizing it may take a great deal of time before seeing fantastic results.

SEO is not a magic bullet.  Only lots of money, LOTS of money will get you to the top of the SERPs quickly.  This type of pressure has had to bring out the ingenuity of the SEO professional and with lot of trial and error and other skills, the hardworking SEO engineer has figured out how to use such keywords effectively.

See, your niche is your primary keyword.  However, the power of adjectives and pronouns can make or break an SEO campaign.  There are all sorts of sub-divisions of SEO and you need to make sure your keywords address these as well as your site being able to exploit keywords you didn’t even now were powerful.

For example, let’s say your primary keywords are ‘dog grooming’.  That’s a tough one to fight over unless you’re the only dog grooming service for 100 miles around.  If not, then you’ll want to get the organic traffic that you can fine-tune to your benefit. So let’s say your keywords are ‘dog grooming’, but you live near a place named ‘Jawbone Creek’.  Now, folks near you know where Jawbone Creek is so you include that into your copy and videos, texts, blog posts.  This way not only are you getting traffic for your primary keywords, but you’re also getting traffic for your secondary keywords via what is called ‘Local SEO‘.  This means all your copy has the potential to be a primary keyword.  It can happen accidentally.  Let’s say your primary keywords are ‘dog grooming’ and you live near ‘Jawbone Creek’.  That’s fine but what if Jawbone Creek has catfish in it and there’s a popular annual celebration where a big money fishing contest is at Jawbone Creek.  Well, you might take pics and vids of your dog at this event and post that info on the website.  People looking for anything related to the “Jawbone Creek Catfishing Contest” are bound to find your page.  That’s where you slide in your dog grooming skills to associate with the contest and so on.

There can be a thousand variations on a theme here, but the basics should explain them all.

The Pros

This is the kind of thing that a professional SEO company like Affordable SEO Florida does every day.  They work with you and their team of top engineers and get you the most yardage for your hard earned dollar.
Keywords are still effective but you need a pro to show you how.