Don’t Be Slow With Implementing Mobile SEO

Don't Be Slow With Implementing Mobile SEOMarketers and webmasters have been advised and warned for years now about the importance of implementing mobile SEO on their websites and blogs. Mobile is the growing market for devices to access the web and it’s been going so fast that it’s difficult to keep up with. We need to look at the reasons why you should get your mobile act in gear.

The Issue

As mentioned, mobile is the fastest growing market for devices to access the web. Now that computer manufacturers know this, they’re pouring their investment and research and development into mobile because not only is that’s where the action is, but that’s where the money is. Engineers are working feverishly to come up with the best mobile devices and software to accompany them. That being said, you now must realize that if you have not upgraded your websites to fit into the mobile scheme of things you’re putting yourself and your business in great jeopardy.

Solving The Problem

If you have been slow in upgrading your sites to mobile, you need to get off your butt right now. Every day you’re losing traffic and customers and your competitors are getting the high ground on you. To resolve the problem you need to hit three things right now. You need to read up and study on what Mobile SEO calls for, look at your budget to see what you can invest, and what does your staff need to do to take charge.
The good thing is that the search engines like Google have clear instructions as to what to do to make your site mobile SEO friendly. Google actually has specialized tools that you can use to get your sites ready for mobile. That’s good but there are tweaking and other procedures that go far beyond what Google offers. Engineers out there are going to whip up whatever tools and technologies that they can think of to beat the competition and only experts in mobile SEO are going to be able to get a foot ahead of the competition.

What Happens If You Tarry

Let’s look at what’s happening to your website now and what will be happening in the near future if you don’t go mobile SEO friendly.
First of all, Google’s got engineers working night and day on algorithms to make mobile searches the best. As the search engines battle it out, marketers and website developers are at wits’ end trying to figure out how to configure their websites to get the highest point of the SERPs. They monitor Google day and night and have large staffs that test every contingency possible so they can avoid falling behind competitors who could feasibly at any moment get the top spots and it would be like pulling teeth to gain the high ground later.

Another reason to charge through is that paid spots on the search engine puts the average person way behind the fence when it comes to getting a top spot. However, history has shown us that sometimes, it happens rarely but does happen, a person does something on their website that gets their position on the search engines rocketing to the top. When this happens everyone goes crazy. They examine and back engineer the successful site to find out what they did to get the sop spot. Even the search engine’s engineers and developers do such analysis to see how the webmaster beat the system. What’s miserable is that whenever someone does beat the system with a way no one had ever thought of, the search engines then add to their algorithms to ban such actions even if they’re honest. They realize that if common folks can beat the system with a new process, it jeopardizes their power and paid advertising. They then make the mistake of banning it and others then find out what was successful and the entire SEO industry goes haywire. When things like this happen you had better have a mobile SEO expert on hand to do damage control and do it fast.

The Next Wave

As it stands, the next wave of events is that Google will be looking at your mobile SEO for future reference as it will be considering what will happen next. They have to set up their future search algorithms so that they can better index the sites they want to reach the top. They consider of course the usefulness and the investment money in paid spots first. If your site isn’t mobile SEO friendly it will look like a dinosaur and you’re probably not going to get the position you desire.
Make no mistake, slowing down with adapting mobile SEO to your sites is going to get you into major trouble, the kind of trouble that if you don’t have a popular site in your niche you may not be able to compete for vaunted keywords that you want to exploit.

This why you should get a professional mobile SEO service like Affordable SEO Florida. They’re tops in everything SEO and they won’t confuse you nor put a hole in your pocket book.