Fighting Negative SEO

Ways You Can Identify And Prevent Negative SEOYou can never underestimate your fellow human being from doing some underhanded nonsense like affecting your website with what is called Negative SEO. Negative SEO is when several factors call for your website to lose in your statistics. You’ll lose traffic, reputation, and income unless you do some Negative SEO Remediation and other tactics.

The things to look out for are essentially a drop in traffic. This will appear in your stats and you will need to do some detective work right away. You must not underestimate the cunning of your competitors if they are the source of the problem. If there’s something you’ve done that leads to this, then you’ll have to take measures to correct things asap. Be honest and don’t blame others for your own errors, ye ton the other hand, don’t be so critical of yourself that you fail to see the actions of others. It’s a matter of keeping objective through the course of negative SEO remediation.

Often competitors will swipe content from you. They’ll either post it on their own websites or on a proxy website so that you end up losing tragic, keywords, and income. They might even contact Google to get you penalized for having duplicate content when in effect you had created the content first. Google might not realize what’s going on and the nefarious competitors will have upended you. You can always try to ask the offending webmaster not to do this but the chances are unlikely as there are organized crime groups worldwide that specialize in sabotaging companies for profit or because even bigger gangsters have a gun to their heads.

You need to also look at your site speed. If it’s slowing down you might find that negative SEO is the cause. Here again, you’ll have to do some detective work with your hosting company to find out why. If it is the case then they’ll know how to put the perpetrator in check. This goes a long with a very good rule of thumb and there are plenty of new apps that can help here. You need to monitor your sites 24/7. Have alerts via the messaging apps of when your site drop sin rankings or slows down ow some other error occurs. This way you can be alerted to drastic changes on the go and not be surprised when you sign on several hours after going to the concert. That missed data will put you at a disadvantage that could cost a pretty penny and lots of time to remedy.

Negative SEO is no joke. Don’t think that you can fix it overnight. Just as gaining good SEO takes a while, if you have negative SEO due to your own negligence or incompetence or unethical behavior, you’re going to have your work cut out for you. To prevent such things, you’ll need to peruse and examine your sites. Look for errors and other problems. Fix them correctly and in the case of bad linking from inbound or outbound links, you may need to email each website and ask to have the links inbound removed or corrected and the outbound links to website that have come criminal be removed.

If the problem is too much to handle at first, it’s a wise idea to hire a professional to do the negative SEO remediation. This growing field is led by experts in the field. They can tell within a matter of hours who is doing what wrong. They’ll work with you along the way and make sure you know how much money and time it will take to get things back on track. Affordable SEO Florida is the kind of company that is tops in this issue. Hit them up asap before trouble starts and you’ll be glad you did.