Review, Correct, Adapt To Sane SEO

Review, Correct, Adapt To Sane SEOFar too often webmasters or marketers wonder why their pages aren’t doing well on the SERPs. They’ll stew and ponder until their hair falls out and all it boils down to is that they’ve overlooked a mistake on their pages or they hadn’t done a good job of looking at their site like the surfers and search engines do, or worse, they don’t adapt to new technologies and techniques.

The first thing to do is to review your site. Look at it from the surfer’s point o f view and the search engines point of view. Just take a quick glance at your site and ask yourself is this the kind of site you want to be on? Is this site addressing you interests right at the start? If not, then there’s something you’re going to have to change for the better and that calls for knowing how SEO works in combination to the attention span of the surfer.

So in effect, you’re convincing or informing two different intelligences. The surfer and the computer algorithms that the search engines use. For people, a big brand name logo allows them to lock in on the graphic and remember it. For computers at the search engines, it means putting in thright metadata and codes that the search engines crawl for. Using Schema is a goood idea here. It’s not that diffult to do but it takes some study.

You’ll need to look for errors in spelling and make sure th4e right pics, videos, copy and blog posts are tagged and in the right relevant place. If you’re confusing the surfer, you’re confusing the search engines. Make sure all your pertinent data like your NAPs (Name Address Phone) are put in stategic places and that tyou site loads fast and is easy to navigate.

Make sure you’re up on the mobile-friendly SEO or you’re missing out on everything. Mobile is the priority now in searches and on top of that so is voice search. Your site’s SEO has to be on par with these technologies and tactics or you’re losing out to your competition. Your site has to bring in the kind of quality traffic it deserves and that calls for being creative as well.

SEO today is both an art and a science. It’s best to look it at this way because you’ll get more mileage from your efforts. You’re trying to attract interested public to your site so your site has to be interesting. Not all flashy and full of bells and whistles, but it has to be designed so that you catch the person’s eye and makes them want to engage. It has to have an upbeat approach so that people feel comfortable and aren’t scared they’ll hit some criminal or spammy links.

You’ve got to do Social Media SEO. It’s a field all by itself and is more exhausting than most jobs out there. You’ve got to check and submit and interact with social media so that links to your site are plastered everywhere and that your content is liked, shared, and commented on. This is how search engines are heading because they know the social media content is coming from people interested in you and that your site is being discussed by such people. It’s really like an automation of your brand’s fine tuning. It’s a lot of work and an ASEO professional will tell you this. It’s why the SEO indsutry is expanding. It’s no more a matter of coding and applying strategic content, it’s now about doing so on a global scale to mass numbers.

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